16 March 2010


One of the Mind Consciousness System' primary energy links is to the sex system. This differs from person to person depending on your own design within the Mind Consciousness System.
So for example where most will 'draw' energy from the point of sex and become that personality as someone who is dependent on or really likes sex - the next person within their design will become the personality of 'I don't participate in that, I live to be a good person' The difference is that the person who is addicted to sex will charge themselves during sex and masturbation whereas the other person charges themselves for example by doing things they consider to be good/saving humanity/special.

The next person might be the housewife who just cleaned the house and cooked for her family - she now experiences a rush or energy, as she experiences herself as having done really well. For a moment that person is experiencing themselves 'fully.' t all in some way plays out as mental masturbation.

Observe within yourself during your daily life where and how you access your energy charge - a feeling that comes up inside of you, where you feel really good doing something. This I found is usually where and when I am accessing that specific charge of energy which feeds the Mind.
Sometimes for some it might be the opposite energy - the energy of victimising and bullying yourself I have noticed is also used by the mind. The Mind as it has been explained to me, uploads the energy during sex into the mind to feed and create systems. Therefore it is interesting to note - that the type of person we become - will be the type of energy addictions we create. The housewife wants to please her family and thus in creating herself as a 'wife' system - will get her energy rushes from 'being a wife.' - this indicates that the energy generated through what we participate in, is correlated to the systems we create within ourselves.


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