07 September 2010

Taking care of myself financially - paperwork

eendje Listening to the video’s about the Income Plan etc and thinking about myself possibly being able to take care of myself financially, well, it is exciting. Also fear comes up. To let go of the comfortability of being taking care of by the system, financially. Which will inevitably ‘fall’, probably very soon, because the ‘social system’ in Holland will be limited – so this comfortzone will disappear anyway.

Also, the idea of having to pay taxes, well, not the paying in itself but all the paperwork it involves – ah, I have resisted this. Even when there was a chance I could get some money back, I wouldn’t go for it, because of the paperwork. I really, really do not like all this bureaucracy, this ‘endless filling in forms’, sometimes more than once, again the same one. I once made a mistake and had to pay 800 euro’s! I knew this wasn’t right so I phoned the ‘taxes’ and luckely they reduced it to 200 euro’s – still 200 euro’s too many, I didn’t owe them a dime, but I paid so I could ‘go on with my life’.

So, yes, this is what I resist – I do not want to have to do all these paperwork things.



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