19 September 2010

Children & Education

goat I was thinking how Equality can be practically applied in regards with children and education.

I imagined me being the teacher of young kids who aren’t skilled in reading etc – taking them to the Animal Farm.

We see a goat and the kids all excited and hugging and petting the animal – some not – they are maybe a bit scared of this animal that is bigger than themselves :)

So, we are there to learn about words and living beings and living words.

I tell the kids: well, this animal-being is what we call ‘goat’. We have agreed to all use this particular word ‘goat’ to point out all animal-beings that have the same characteristics. Look at this animal-being-goat: look at his eyes, his nose, his mouth, his fur, four legs/feel how his fur feels like, touch him gently/smell his smell/listen to him breathing, the particular sounds he makes, his ‘beeeh’…

We should not teach kids to link words to pictures in a picture book – the word should be linked to a real, tangible experience.

Just some pondering about how to practically apply Equality

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