26 August 2011

2011 Can you trust your governments to do what’s best for your health?

You cannot - the economy and profit of the corporations is much more important than human population health.

EU: Brussels allows tampering with our food

For six long years the European Parliament has discussed food labeling and finally passed the European Food Information Regulation. 
“Under the new rules, the energy content and amounts of fat, saturated fat, carbohydrates, sugars, protein and salt must all be stated in a legible tabular form on the packaging, together and in the same field of vision. All this information has to be expressed per 100g or per 100ml. It may also, in addition, be expressed per portion.”

Hero Cassis EQUAL MONEY FOR ALLSounds nice, but still:
  1. this information is not required to be displayed on the front of the package - for all to see with just a glance what’s in it.
  2. And the text will still not be in an easy to read format: the required format of the lettering under the new legislation is 0.9 to 1.2 millimeters – which is not exactly a comfortable size to read.
    Appealing pictures and slogans still have priority over mandatory information on the content of the pre-packed food.
  3. The provided information is not comprehensible without scientific knowledge – maybe we all should go for errands with an encyclopedia inbooks EQUAL MONEY FOR ALL our shopping bag? And a magnifier? Ridiculous!
Common sensically you might expect the European Parliament would have reached the conclusion that corporations should be obligated to be crystal clear on what’s in the pre-packed food they want us to consume. That corporations will be obligated to provide simple, to the point, information and NOT be enabled to mislead and overwhelm us consumers with scientifically information that virtually none of us understands.
Instead we get a slightly bigger text…

trafficlight_schemEFoodwatch, a German/Dutch initiative, composed a simple, effective visual way of showing how much sugar, fat and salt a food product contains: traffic-light-labeling this will assist people in making more health conscious choices and will stimulate consumers to take responsibility for what they are feeding their body with. 
British supermarkets have been selling products with traffic light labels since March 2006. Experience shows: Consumers understand traffic light labels – and they understand them quickly and correctly.
This traffic-light-labeling proposal by Foodwatch has been completely ignored by the European Parliament. The food lobby’s strategy during years of struggle behind the scenes has paid off:  they are allowed to continue misleading and confusing potential customers. Money has, once again, prevailed – at the expense of human life.
You cannot trust your government to do what is best for your health - the economy and profit of the corporations is much more important than human population health.

Equal Money System and Healthy Food

badge[12]In an Equal Money System there is just one principle that will prevail: What is Best for All and of course our health will always be of importance, always – profit making will no longer exist. Deception will no longer exist. Food labeling – if necessary – will be clear and for our convenience. There will be no additives in our food just for the sake of dressing it up, to seduce us to consume. The whole food industry as it exist right now will be no more.
Diseases and death due to too much unhealthy food will cease to exist. Diseases and death due to little or no food at all will cease to exist. All will have plenty of healthy food: we share the abundance the Earth shares with us.
Equal Money is the art of sharing equally.
For more information visit us at Equal Money
About Foodwatch:
“Foodwatch is a non-profit and independent organisation that draws public attention to practices in the food industry that are not in the interests of consumers. Foodwatch fights for the right of consumers to honestly know what they are buying and to enjoy good food that is healthy and uncontaminated.”

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about Bart van Opzeeland and Foodwatch Netherlands (Dutch)
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