27 January 2009

Grounding - assisting D and me

23 september 2008

Grounding him in and as the physical - is the 'way to go' - for him to be self aware here of his physical human body.

Ingrid, with D - his experience with regards to the mind and the physical is more 'acute' and 'sensitive' than other children his age - he's at the phase in his years in this world wherein the being 'shifts into the mind-reality' as 'support' / 'as foundation' from which to exist in - as the thoughts/experiences within as emotions/feelings/reactions - are being / have been 'trusted' as being 'who self is / who I am'.
The 'fainting' experience is the manifested physical indication that he's still allowing himself to be 'directed' by what he experiences inside himself - meaning, he completely 'follows' what he experiences within - as though his mind is his leader and he's the obedient servant that without even a moment's consideration - just follow - compromising self completely.
Also, in this to observe Ingrid - how diligently we follow the mind, without question - no consideration for/of self - no regard for/of self - not realising the manifested consequences that go with it.
He's physically experiencing what we've always done, accepted and allowed within ourselves with regards to our relationship to the mind - wherein no 'self here' exists.
Grounding him in and as the physical - is the 'way to go' - for him to be self aware here of his physical human body.
Suggested to show him breathing - share with him, how in being aware of your breathing, assist and support you to always be here - otherwise, the mind will take over and cause experiences that compromise self - to always make sure he 'feels his hands' - that hes aware of his hands touching, of what his hands touch as this is also an indication of being here in and as the physical - and also the experience of touch.
So, with breathing - for 5 - 10 minutes an evening, breathe with him, breathe in, hold for a moment, breathe out, hold for a moment = maybe you could even find music to which to breathe to with the beats = though no words suggested within the music.
With regards to touch - walk around the house/take objects, let him hold them/touch them and then ask him what he experiences as the touch - do this with him - could be fun, also for you.
Even outside is cool - touching plants/grass/sand - while you're making food - touch what you're preparing to eat.
Also let him know - not to 'just give into' what he experiences inside himself - but to share with you when he has an experience inside himself that he doesn't understand and to describe the experience - so that you're able to assist and support him to understand himself and to from there - you assist and support him to direct himself - through him as you, sharing himself with you.

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