01 January 2009

2009 Humans Provided ENERGY for Heaven to Exist

-19 April 2009 -
...Or I mean, all this Energy that you have during your orgasmic -experience, you're masturbating and Whoa! - I mean, theres this Energy and then its gone. It is not back in your body you can check. Where did it go?
Nobody noticed I mean, Who cares? I''m satisfied, this is a Consumption - Existence.
You are not aware AT ALL of anything you''re doing. Youre not aware of what youre participating in AT ALL.
You can go and have a look: For instance, when you fall in love, that Energy-sparks that happen, that you direct to somebody and then the relationship falls apart eventually, but there was all this Energy, where did it go to? It was Consumed. Yes, part of it you have consumed.
The rest was fascinatingly channelled to Heaven.
Heaven could not exist without Energy.
Desteni In discussion with Bernard Poolman ,  

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