06 October 2011

2011 And God created prostitutes…

Jesus I fucked up Equal MoneyQuite a smart move of God, creating prostitutes, I say. Because with his one All Seeing Eye he noticed he blundered when creating the human males  extreme, all dominating sex drive.

His Eve’s couldn’t cope – being so busy with birthing and raising children, cooking, cleaning, washing, doing the dishes, shopping, sewing, knitting, nursing, …. she was having headaches at night from exhaustion. Maybe he felt sorry for his female creation?

So God decided to do something about this flaw in his Creation; he assigned some of his Eve’s to play a special role in his creation - "Her sole reason for existing will be to accommodate the strong sexual desires of Adam" he concluded.

And she was to earn some money with this because God knew of course no Adam would want to marry the Eve prostitute and provide for her – geez, no, cause in spite of Adams all dominating sexual drive being the root of these particular Eve’s existence – he despises her, the Eve prostitute, for after all he can’t respect the Eve prostitute as a decent woman for meeting up his sexual desires so easily.

So after a hard days work God looked down on the play out of his alteration of Creation - and He was satisfied with himself.

logo tree Desteni Equal MoneyIf you, like me, think you can do a better job than God in creating a Heaven on Earth, then join me and my fellow Destonians in the process of re-member-ing ourselves for the Creators we are.

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