18 October 2011

Battle of the Minds

bkgr1This is the Design of Reaction as Polarity Enslavement.
Let's say you are in a situation with which you are participating with another human being. And you within yourself react to the situation of and the human being or just the situation or just the human being - realize that in and at that moment of reaction within yourself you are enslaved to the situation, you are enslaved to the human being and you enslaved your own participation within the situation and with the human being.

Dinner EQUAL MONEYIn other words: when you react within yourself you are less than the mind, less than the situation, less than your participation, and less than the human being and less than the experience of the entirety of the moment. How does that work? Let's say for instance you are having dinner with a few colleagues and you are communicating with each other -  randomly verbal diarrhea (as human beings communicate with each other) and all of a sudden you hear a statement made by another human being across the table.

In that statement you react within yourself. It is for instance the human beings opinion about the war in Iran and Iraq. And he for instance is now supporting the war. And you within yourself go inside suppressing, almost close to tears because all your mind is going on about is the children and the inhumane  action that is been taking and it's wrong and how can people kill each other and you're just going in, going in, going in, thoughts running, thoughts running, and you're starting to become emotional and you are in the process of absolute reaction and then you start; you express "How dare you support that war! I can't believe you support that war! Look at this, this, this ,this, this..." There you go off.

Now in that moment of you literally going off, switching to an absolute rage, you are re-acting. And in that moment, in reacting, what are you actually doing? You are challenging the other human beings mind. Because realize all human beings that is in this world in this current moment are mind systems. So it's mind system versus mind system. This mind system is programmed in such way to agree with the war. This mind system is programmed to not agree with the war. And now it's the battles of the mind systems.
And here you go "grr grr". And in that both of your mind systems are charging. When inevitably either one of you really go off. Or one goes "fine, I don't care" and then suppresses. But either way each mind systems are charged. Now that is Polarity.

Because you don't agree: positive - he agrees: negative. Or you know, positive or negative, it doesn't matter. It's two different mind systems programs in polarity within placements - which is war - competing and battling against each other. So realize in that moment when you do this you are charging this mind system; you're charging your mind system; you're charging the situation; every one else's mind and thoughts starts racing and running because they got their own opinions and their own thoughts and in the discussion it's completely out of proportion.

clip_image001But now realize: how are you enslaved here. You are enslaved because this human being hit you right in the core of your being, hitting a point and reaction within you and then what is actually coming forth here - because you're speaking from thoughts opinions. What is actually coming forth is your mind system. So who you are in this moment is enslaved by your mind, emotions, thoughts, feelings; you're enslaved by the being because the being got you: you reacted. In that he has caught you, you've caught the being and now you are both in a relationship together. In that moment enslaved to each other because each of you is assisting and supporting the mind systems - which manifests enslavement of self to the entire situation, the mind, the human being, all the other human beings and you go feeling frenzy.

And in that moment of reaction if you do not let out your emotions and feelings and turmoils and thoughts in that moment, you either suppress it and then later on will exert it out in something or someone else, because that has to now... that friction that was caused due to the polarity battle between each other which caused the enslavement of self to the emotions, thoughts, feelings, have to be released inevitably in some way or another - because you've now charged up the mind systems and inevitably you go and release it in some way or another. And then you will spontaneously start another argument because now you are addicted to starting arguments because you need to rev yourself up and defend yourself and then you rev up more and rev up more - have another polarity friction experience enslavement so that your mind system can just recharge and rejuvenate the whole time.argue

And that's why human beings argue because they are addicted to it.
Thank you very much.

-2007- transcript

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