11 October 2011

The Design of Choice–are we free to choose?

alex3Hi, this is the Choice System Design and I am here to speak about myself and how Choice enslaves, traps, misguides, misleads, diverts attention and preoccupies.
This existence as have been said, human beings have been designed and manifested with a mind consciousness system. In your mind consciousness system, your preordained and preprogrammed life is designed within and as this mind consciousness system at your birth with and as. In the moment you are birthed your preprogrammed and preordained life experiences are manifested within this world of the Unified Consciousness Field magnetic gridline structure. And within this: the Illusion of Choice.

optical-illusion-1 EQUAL MONEYChoice has never really existed but human beings have been given the illusion of choice - for you to believe that you are in control and in power of your own world and of yourself: the ultimate deception.
So human beings would continue during their day, walk within their world, experience their life experience, believing that they apparently have a choice.
There's always two ways to go, either this way or that way. And then you think you have choice and you think you've made a choice, but actually you haven't. Because you making that choice was really placed within your preprogrammed preordained life experience of your  mind consciousness system. You cannot choose NOT to be who you really are. Everything has been. Each and every single experience of human beings life’s - up to two and a half years ago of course.
So human beings, choice has been a manifestation of the ultimate deception: that choice actually exists. It is simple - put it this way: can Life choose not to be Life? That would be dishonesty. Life is the expression of Life.
Tell me, can God choose not to be God? That'll be dishonesty. Therefore, in terms of who you are it is not a choice. The only choice you have is to have no choice but to stand as the ultimate expression of you and the realization of you in every moment.

The only choice you have is to have no choice but to stand as the ultimate expression of you and the realization of you in every moment

Therefore, if choice exist in your world, understand that you are still of a mind illusion, still dishonest. If you perceive yourself to have choice you're being dishonest with yourself.
You cannot choose NOT to be who you really are, because that's who you are. If you choose not to be who you really are then you are being dishonest with you as who you really are.
So human beings, don't be trapped by the illusion of Choice. Choice was yet another design of enslavement and control in this world of human beings as mind consciousness systems, to give them the belief and perception that they have control and power in their world - when you have never had.
Only about two and a half years ago have Heavens process begun to start assisting and supporting human beings here on earth. And within this process we are now at the moment where each human being are now responsible for their own life’s, for their own experiences. Where you have a moment where you either choose honesty or dishonesty within yourself as who you are.

But know that you cannot NOT choose who you really are.

It is an interesting manifestation: Choice, well, myself. Human beings really believe they have choice. Choice is also but an equation made within the mind due to many various variables coming together - of considerations, thoughts, emotions and feelings, according to that and past experiences, future probabilities, present current experience coming together in one point and according to all that, you make a choice. But is that really choice or is that you being subject to all of you as a mind consciousness system being led to go into that direction. Is that then really choice?

optical_illusion EQUAL MONEYThen the question is interesting. What is choice then really? If choice has always been part of this mind consciousness programmed, preprogrammed, preordained equation, where your apparent choice was always based on past experiences, mind consciousness system’ thoughts, feelings and emotions, future probabilities, current various variables; all that encompass into one point, than going into a certain direction - is that you really making a choice? Or is that just all of you as mind consciousness system coming together saying "I'm going there".
All that was even preprogrammed and preordained. Every choice had never really existed always has been but an illusion.

Thank you very much. This is the Choice System Design –2007-

You cannot choose NOT to be who you really are

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