18 November 2010

Nivea–hypnotic advertisement

was watching tv last night and there was this advertisement for Nivea, a line of products for the human skin. I have a strong reaction to this brand. I’ve noticed before; with a previous commercial - Nivea for Men – they end with ‘what Men Want’ and I experienced the tendency in myself to believe that Nivea is what men actually want.images

Why is that? I trust Nivea. I’ve known this brand for so long, maybe since childhood. when I see Nivea I think immediately: ‘healthy, sunshine, family’, I feel safe and taken care of. I do not remember, did we use Nivea at home when I was a child? No memories of it, probably we did because in those days there was not such a variety in products.

I did buy Nivea in the past and experienced it being not  more or less effective than most other products. So I do not buy or use it. Still this reaction to Nivea is in me, like a hypnotic state, seeing this blue box with the specific white lettering I slip into a state of trust, feeling safe and secure and want to be as healthy as the blond, attractive mother with the sun tan in the commercial (well, the one I link these feelings to that I saw in the past). Of course I stop it but last night I experienced this is quite a strong, automated reaction, that I do not experience with other products. Wait, yes, I do on other product, toothpaste that my parents did use – Prodent – but less prominent. Both have in common that I’ve known these products all my life. Well, now I come to think of it, there are more, like Maizena, I use this to prepare food because my mother did use it before me and because I like the product.

Lately I’ve been observing commercials on tv , especially the commercials from companies/products I do/did bond with. They do appeal to some kind of loyalty – I feel loyal to these companies, because of positive experiences when dealing with them. And in their commercials I see they appeal to that loyalty, the loyalty gets emphasized even more.

nivea-logoimagesI was looking for pictures of Nivea on the internet and there was this page full of them: I react strongly to the color blue with the lettering.

<-though not this one, no reaction, so it is not just the color blue with the white, but the specific lettering in particular. And the shape of the box like in the first picture, but primarily the specific lettering on the box.

Well, I am ending the automated reaction to Nivea, this hypnotic state of mind I let myself be trapped in.

More info on the hypnotic effect I allow Nivea to have on me:

MC indicates I should check my starting point of working on this subject

I want to be done with the subject, not because of the effect it has on me, but from the starting point of doing my ‘homework’

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to abdicate my responsibility for the hypnotic effect of the Nivea-picture by placing myself as a person that has ‘to finish her task’ instead of working through the point of the hypnotic effect I allow to be triggered by the picture of Nivea in my mind

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be impatient with myself and not willing to walk this process of exposing the effect the Nivea-brand has on me step by step. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be hard on myself and self indulgent at the same time instead of relaxing myself by breathing and push myself to work through this point. I am too tensed=because of being hard on myself. I am self indulgent=allowing myself to stay in this state of mind. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not take time for self intimacy, being close with me, here, pushing myself to work on this point instead of taking time for myself to be intimate with myself and from within that work on this particular point. Enough – I am here, with me in me as me.

Ok – I realize I have been avoiding to face a certain point. To face it in his totality – instead I’ve been thinking a lot about it. I’ll write about it in another post. The Nivea point I’ll address later on. Will be interesting though to see what the picture exists of.

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