26 May 2011

May 2011: Extreme Drought in North-Western Europe


At this very moment we experience a period of extreme drought in North-Western Europe – dryer than ever before. In the year 1976 there was also extreme drought but that record is already broken by 2011’s drought, with still a month to go before the end of spring.sun rain

This extreme drought is caused by lack of rain, sun, wind and high temperatures.

In South Europe on the other hand it is an extreme wet season.

Weather men report that extreme weather conditions will occur more and more because of climate change. There will be long lasting periods of extreme drought and long lasting periods of extreme rainfall.
Last year for instance, there has been extreme rainfall with extreme floods in Austria and Hungarian.*


Rainfall Deficiency in The Netherlands*:

red line = 1976 – the former record of extreme drought.
black line = 2011

neerslagtekort 2011



Weather Unleashed

No doubt the Weather is changing and we have no clue what will happen and how hard we will be hit or when – but it will happen. Earthquake, hurricane, floods, tsunami, drought? Or maybe all… What will it bring? We’ll have to see.

15 Jan 2009 Interview with Weather on Desteni Open Forum


“How we used to create and manifest storms and what storms really consisted of and existed as was: they take all of humanity’s emotional and feelings shit sucking it up into pockets into the atmosphere. And then with the atmosphere and the emotional energetic charges we create and manifest storms.”

“…it used to operate as a system, storms and certain weather pattern manifestations would occur at certain times specific places according to the emotional energetic charge release of a certain parts of humanity.”


This is how it was. Now everything has changed. Before the storms were kind a like an outlet for all the 'overflow' of human created energetic surplus, created by emotional feeling and energetic charges of the physical of the human, programmed systematic weather. By the removal of The White Light everything has changed. We are on our own now. What will happen with the weather now it is out of the control of the system? Now that it is unleashed? Unpredictable, because the old preprogrammed rules we were familiar with, are no longer valid.


Basically the weather is no longer supporting our ways of the mind: we are on our own now – no more release of emotional and feeling shit other than by ourselves.



“So basically the effect that we will be having, beings will become emotional and feeling wreaked basically will become uncontrollable from the perspective that you’ll go mad you’ll go insane with to regards ‘ what you are feeling what you are experiencing’ inside yourself because we are not being a slave supporting the mind any more.”


So it is now up to us:



“The system human beings each one must take that part onto themselves and let go of your pre programmed manifested design and start creating and expressing you by yourself.”



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sources: John Bernard, KNMI, Desteni: Interview with Weather

"We are facing the possibility of widespread drought in the coming decades, but this has yet to be fully recognized by both the public and the climate change research community," AFP quoted Aiguo Dai, the lead scientist with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)”


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