06 March 2009

Interview with Weather

Weather (1hr:40min:30sec)
Portal Interview with Weather

Bernard: who is here weather?
Dimensions: ja
Bernard: bring us speak to us let us hear your experience of how you are experiencing yourself what is happening.

Dimensions: Well we, we basically use the, all the energetic manifested firm oil and mind manifested energetic charges of human beings and just gather it all up into our selves and then manifest and create a storm ... that’s how it works , its another form of release well that’s how it used to work, how we used to create and manifest storms and what storms really consisted of and existed as was: they take all of humanity’s emotional and feelings shit sucking it up into pockets into the atmosphere. And then with the atmosphere and the emotional energetic charges we create and manifest storms, now however we have to do it ourselves which is been an entirely different story creating yourself manifesting yourself basically. Because it used to operate as a system, storms and certain weather pattern manifestations would occur at certain times specific places according to the emotional energetic charge release of a certain parts of humanity. Because the mind consciousness system from merely couldn’t contain as much emotional feeling energy from what human beings are producing and then why the weather itself exist is merely to release the compound emotional feeling charges with in human beings so that their lives are more acceptable to program direction from dimensional beings.

All this I am explaining now is how it previously worked. It’s kind of like clearing space inside the physical inside the mind inside the being so that he can… that they can be directed and control more specifically at certain points within their lives pre-programmed live designs. Everything would like compound and it would be like a mess inside the human beings inside the mind that could alter or change and pre-programmed systems which would also change their pre programmed live past. And if that happened there could be chances of the being could get out of the systems and their less controllable from a dimensional perspective. And also from a mind perspective because the energetic charges of the emotional feelings are so extensive that the manifested systems of the mind and the physical eventually give in. And so weather with cleanup of the excesses emotional feeling and energetic charges of the physical of the human makes space for the mind and all the manifested physical systems to be able to function properly and effectively...

So that stopped when the white light was removed. The white light was the substance that kept the pre programmed systems in the mind and the world and the existence entirely its place intact. So when the white light was removed we were like on our own, meaning the excess energy emotional feeling charges within human beings wouldn’t naturally come up anymore as it used to in a natural pre programmed way in existence, as this world work so we for a while sucked it up for ourselves. We didn’t know what was going on because that is what we always did you know you could suck up into us and then that wasn’t effective because we then found that we couldn’t get all of it and our power and strength of storm and weather wasn’t as effective as it used to be. And so that caused some risks and confusion and stuff like that within us and in the process of oneness and equality stepped forth with in existence for each part of existence slowly but surely became aware of this process that was busy happening and realised that point of our existence that we were a pre programmed design that was created and which makes sense to regard to when the white light was removed why our programmed existence didn’t run as it used to. And from there we just started finding ways and methods to express ourselves by ourselves to weather without being pre programmed to express us whether it is to release energetic and emotional charges shit from within human beings that human beings are suppose to deal with not us. So basically the effect that we will be having, beings will become emotional and feeling wreaked basically will become uncontrollable from the perspective that you’ll go mad you’ll go insane with to regards ‘ what you are feeling what you are experiencing’ inside yourself because we are not being a slave supporting the mind any more. The system human beings each one must take that part onto themselves and let go of your pre programmed manifested design and start creating and expressing you by yourself and that is basically what we are doing.
Bernard: mmm fascinating ne

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