11 March 2009


'How can I believe someone who says that love is program meant to keep a human enslaved within their minds? '

Well, firstly look at where 'love' has brought us so far - not a nice sight is it, all this misery in the world - people starving, children molested, animals abused, nature abused - all by people (you and me included) that 'love' their family, their pets, their nation, tribe, their children etc. So this is 'love' that excludes. Love that excludes, is a fake. What we consider 'love', is fake - more precisely.

Love, well, I think none of us know what love is - so we should investigate. By observing myself (and I used to think of myself as a loving, caring person) I found that beneath all that is: self interest, much fear. Even my love for my child is not without self interest. As long as self interest is there - love is not there.
"Caring only happens when there is no scare or scar"

So, in a nutshell - love as we know it is limited, as the mind is limited. Who we really are, is not limited, not conditional and conditioned.

I know by experience: there has been a period in my life, some months, where I was not my mind, meaning I was not directed by my thinking, feeling or emotions. I simply was. Stable, silence in me, while participating in the world. There was no separation in 'me', my body and me were one. My actions weren't just followers of a thought, but actions, in the moment, autonomous. Thinking was only used by me when necessary - as a tool, not as the director of me. Quite a difference. At that stage, I was autonomous - not depending on other people for their approval or rejection - it did'n't matter, the judgments, the opinions, I could see very clearly, this wasn't me, neither was it the other people - it was programs (though at that time I didn't call it 'programs', but it's a very accurate word.)

So, for me, it is not 'believing' - for me it is knowing, for myself, by experience. I am not following some one, or a belief system from another person or group - simply looking to find that 'stable, silence' me again, not lost, but burried underneath all this 'mindshit'. And by establishing me as who I really am, I will contribute so much more of 'essence' to the world (that is me, that is you and me as all)  than I will ever be able to do as a mind. Mind is only destructive, even when in 'loving, caring, positive' mood, by that creating immediate the opposite somewhere in the world: 'hating, indifference, negative'. It is to stop mind participation to establish 'real love' in this world.

greetz Ingrid

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