16 October 2010

Experiencing Panic


bout experiencing panic - yes, this is obvious thought-related. I've experienced and still am, a lot of panic and fear in my life. As far as I can tell panic is always the outflow of me being caught up in many, many thoughts - not being in my body, but in 'the head' and indeed, in a split second the experience of panicking is there - then for a moment I am totally caught up in this experience, but can clearly see this (continued) experience is the outflow of me having certain thoughts.

Stop the thoughts equals stopping the panicking experience. 

But - in that moment I feel like I am not able to stop - like the thoughts are bigger than me - yes, I realize now I am thinking this is 'the real me', the fear, the panicking is more 'reality' than me not fearing. Interesting - at SRAT  I tested out on a similar situation where I was not experiencing fear and the thought came up I should experience fear – that there was this belief of me not being the person that not experienced fear – swapping of identities. So, yes, I am totally in this belief that I am fear, a fearful person and that when I am not fearful, well, that is not me, that is not real.

What would I be without fear?

*lol I know the answer - but I do not live the answer



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