16 April 2011

Secrets the Rich don’t want you to know…

From a video on YouTube:

A secret that every Republican President since Ronald Reagan didn't want you to know:

Reagonomics creates a massive economic inequality that screws over 98% of the Americans. And it rains down money on the other 2% who use that extra cash to speculate on Wallstreet. That is why they call it "Reaganomics" because it was after the Reagan administration that it really took off.

Equal Money 1Over the last 30 years the bottom 90% got a pay raise of 1% –

while the top 1 % has had a pay raise over the last 30 years of more than 403 %!  That’s who need to pay less taxes?!

Equal Money 2



Republicans are now trying to pass a budget that will embrace an even more radical version of Reagonomics. For the first time in 30 years America has a president that refuses to embrace Reagonomics. Obama says: “We don't have money for education, we don't have money for health, but we have 1 trillion dollar to reduce tax from the 10% riches people in USA… That’s not going to happen as long as I am president.”


Now figure: is it in your country any different?

This ‘vampire’ economics can only exist because we all allow it; we are all equally responsible. Stand up and end it. We are all One Vote in all countries all over the World!

High time for an Equal Money System where ALL people will have their fair share of the resources. No more Rich and no more Poor – where everybody is equally wealthy…


Watch the video:

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