08 April 2011

Saying Goodbye to my Mom

Finished my Mind Construct of my Mom – the last part was me sitting at her death bed. And finally after 27 years I was in peace while sitting there.
No more fear. No more grudges. No more blame. No more longing for something. Just peace.
Me sitting there once again – for a moment feeling sorry for me ignoring her wanting to say something to me, her last words to me. But that’s ok – I realize feeling sorry is of no use, because what is done is done.
I said goodbye to Mom – finally letting go of the Mom in my mind. I am thankful for her taking care of me as a kid – for I know now, being a mom myself, how hard it is taking care of kids. What a job it is – especially in the Matrix.
So thank you Mom.
What is left? A simple picture in my mind – a photograph of her being happy. Taking in a period of her life where she finally started to free herself of her many fears and started to enjoy her life. Sadly she didn’t have that many years left to enjoy – she died at the age of 52.
Luckily I still live to explore Life and participate in establishing Equality for All in this world. I am thankful for that. For supporting a New World with the implementation of the Equal Money System as a first stepping stone - where the fucked-up-ness of this current world system will cease to exist. Where parents and children are equals and abuse such as I as a kid suffered and children all over the world have to ‘endure’, cease to exist. Because all of humanity is in process then to birth themselves as Life – to be real, in the Physical and free of the Mind, free of thoughts, emotions and feelings directing them into this endless infinity circle of recurring suffering.
happy-children Equal Money
Free to express themselves unconditionally – can you imagine doing your work for a hobby?! Enjoying what you do and not worry about money and rent and mortgages?!  Children being raised and educated and living together as a group – no possessiveness by parent-child constructs. No sexual abuse or any other kind of abuse. No inter-dependency. Parents in agreement exploring themselves and giving the best of themselves to all. Animals given the right on a dignified life… And so on. Utopia? No! A New World is Possible!
Educate yourself and walk with us – will yourself to be part of the solution.
Join us at:
Equal Money System 
Bunny_Heaven_by_angrymikko Equal Money

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