10 March 2011

Devil in her eyes

My Mom I feared her because of the Devil in her eyes. I was the only one to see him (I assume – never heard my sisters talking about him) He wasn’t there all the time.

I have been writing out the events I remember with the Devil – starting at age 6. I wondered if this was the first time I saw him, so I muscle communicated and tested out age 2 was the first time. However I have no recollection of the event.
It also tested this is relevant and specific. So how to access this information?
I was surfing the internet for pictures of devilish/demonic eyes – but to none of them I react – no recognition. Maybe it is the coldness, the taunting that scared me the most? I’m sure he was male though, and in a way bigger than my Mom. It scared the hell out of me that the devil was in my mom.
I’ve always thought it was my Mom I feared but after reading Hitler’s childhood story I for a moment considered I did actually witnessed demons inside of her.
But it is still likely it was my Mom herself. lol – is there a difference?
Though the thought of me witnessing actual demons in her scares me more than considering the Devil was my Mom.


Watching this picture it resonates in me – but it is still not exact. Well, never mind then. Back to muscle communication.

First I’ll see if I can picture where and when I for the first time witnessed the devil/demon in her eyes.
  • age: 2
  • when: during day time
  • where: at home, I was alone with her
  • what triggered the event? She hugged me. I made her angry by rejecting her.
A picture coming up now:
I am sitting on the floor; she is standing, bending forward to me. She picks me up, her face close to mine, her eyes piercing into mine – she shakes me quite hard. Her eyes are black and fierce.
I am scared, shocked. It hurts her shaking me that hard. Core point =  big fright because of her eyes. I cry. She throws me on the floor. Her eyes are normal again. She walks away from me.
Ok. Memory bit blurry still, but sufficient to work with.

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