30 March 2011

Corpses and Coffee Tables

dead wife as coffee table

How about that – having your deceased wife in your living room for a coffee table?

“Jeff Green is a 32 year old American, in Arizona, whose wife passed away. Due to the grief he suffered at her death, he did something totally out of character for a normal and sane person.
He said, “I could no longer take the pain that my wife’s death caused me and so I brought her back home.” He said: I’d rather have her at home than six feet under ground. Lucy had a great sense of humour and I’m sure she would appreciate being my coffee table.”


Well, I would not want to spoil the fun, but really Jeff, is this all she was to you? What is the common sense in holding on to a corps – does this really ease your pain? And if so – how does holding on to a lifeless, non speaking, non laughing corpse ease your pain?


“Jeff ordered a special hermetically sealed glass case that eliminates the decomposition of a dead body. “It cost me about $6,000.00, but it was worth it.” Jeff said.” source


$6,000.00 – nah, that must be true love, isn’t it.

Imagine how many starving people could have been fed with this kind of money – talking about true love…. There’s your true love, so highly appreciated in this world: nothing true about it, just selfish love that let’s you put your dead wife in a glass box to keep you company while drinking your morning coffee.


No way there will be coffee tables like this in a Equal Money World. Let go what is gone, focus on What is Here. Jeff, I suggest you put your money into common sense use: Our world is in big trouble – educate yourself! http://desteni.co.za



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