23 March 2011

Perspectives on Horoscopes - Jack


Within the design of this reality of the unified consciousness field – all beings enslaved to this reality was divided into 12 different groups as 12 different ‘group souls’.
For each ‘group’ was designed a particular/different/’unique’ mind consciousness system personality design.
So throughout all your ‘lives’ here on earth – you’d be ‘born into’ the exact same ‘star sign’ / ‘star constellation’ according to the specific ‘group’ you were allocated to – as you’d be injected into this reality through reincarnations with the exact same mind consciousness system personality design system. So your ‘personality of mind’ life, after life, after life would never change – and this is also why beings always had similar / the exact same – pre-programmed life-design life, after life, after life.

The star constellation design according to the 12 different horoscope construct manifestation within the unified consciousness field of this existence – was programmed to ‘support’ the ‘unique/different/particular’ mind consciousness system personality design of/for each group.
So, for example – human beings within this reality that is of the star sign Taurus for example – all have a ‘unique’ designed mind consciousness system personality system, human beings within this reality that is of the star sign Capricorn has another different ‘unique’ designed mind consciousness system personality system and so forth.

The horoscope construct designed and manifested to enslave human beings within a personality system within the mind consciousness system – to so further division / separation within beings, so if you define you according to an ‘horoscope’ – you’ll limit you to that particular personality – designed system of the mind within and as you.

So – horoscopes at the moment have no significance whatsoever but the belief of value/importance you give it within your own mind.
Though – it is suggested to take each horoscope-design and apply self forgiveness of/for each one – as the 12 different horoscope designs contain the basic ‘foundation’ of personality designs of mind – and you’ll find that each ‘description’ of ‘each horoscope design’ – contain ‘personality attributes’ to which you have defined you of the mind.


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