24 March 2011

Child Abuse: grotesque Dutch Law

There is this loophole in the law about Child Abuse in our Dutch ordainment:

When there is no violence used by penetrating babies, pre-schoolers, kindergarters and pupils, the Law does not consider this to be rape”


Well, wtf – how does one consider penetrating a child that young as not violent?! Penetrating a child is always painful due to the child not being full grown – so how can this NOT be violent, therefor how can this be NOT RAPE?!

So what is violent? Does a child ever say ‘yes, I want you to penetrate me’: I doubt it. Even when it agrees it does not know where it agrees with. Can a 6 month’s old baby even agree, because it cannot speak yet?!

I really don’t understand this  – I think it is criminal to provide sex offenders such a loophole! I consider it criminal to have such a ‘by-pass’ law. It is criminal to have and keep such a loophole – used by attorneys to get paedophiles a lower sentence (or maybe even off the hook) for penetrating children.




There is this major paedophile network ‘rounded up’ here in Holland, revealing the abuse of many, many children in a day care-centre. The attorney of the man accused of child abuse was in a tv show and he told us he wasn’t that sure the child abuser could be charged with rape – because of this loophole in the law…




This is so totally unacceptable… This loophole in Dutch law must be stopped immediately. This is not considering the child – it considers the twisted sick minds of sex freaks. It supports inequality – therefor it is criminal and totally unacceptable.

In a world where Equality for All is the commonly agreed upon starting point – such a loophole in law would not be accepted; sexual abuse would not be accepted in any way whatsoever. Perpetrators of sexual abuse of children, animals, women or men will be considered sick and will be re-educated. Introducing the Equal Money System where children are no longer dependent on a few adults for survival, is the first step on our way to Equality for All.

I am One Vote for World Equality.
I am One Vote for an Equal Money System.
Stop abuse in our world – educate yourself:
Desteni: Equal Money System


Equal Money for All

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