09 March 2011


Ouch – working on specific details of pictures of the past in relation to my mother… It is tough. These pictures are so old and dusty and yet so vivid once again, because of the specificity of the details I am pushing myself to remember and write out. I really have to push myself hard and not to walk around and watering the plants and stuff :)

I’m taking this moment to share. I am nervous and shaky, but also willing to face. This is intimacy, into me I see and it is like coming home to myself. So cool and frightening at the same time.

At some moments I get almost completely identified with the past event and my experience way back then. I have to remind myself I am the directive force here: this is a picture I can move in freely, in and out. Stepping in, stepping out.


stepping out of minds picture Desteni

dit is wit
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