01 March 2011

Fallujah: the fruit of our Money Obsessed World

Iraq: In Fallujah women are publicly advised not to have any babies, no number of years are indicated...fallujah birth defect

Children in Fallujah are being born with limb, head, heart and nervous system defects. There are babies with an eye in the middle of the forehead, the nose on the forehead. There is even a claim that a baby was born with three heads.
The number of heart defects among new born babies is said to be 13 times higher than the rate in Europe.
Doctors and parents in the Iraqi city of Fallujah are blaming this sharp increase in the number of birth defects on the highly sophisticated weapons U.S. troops have used in the city during the war.

Fallujah 3 heads
”We went to a clinic for the disabled, and were given details of dozens upon dozens of cases of children with serious birth defects. One photograph I saw showed a new born baby with three heads.” fallujabirthdefects

This war in Iraq wasn't to bring freedom and democracy – it was to secure the interest the West has in it’s oil resources = money.   

Now, Fallujah is just one out of many many examples of how our greed for money does not regard life - at All. Where atrocities like the above are considered Collateral Damage…
You and me – we are all equally responsible for what happened in Fallujah.
No, you did not drop a bomb, neither did I – but nevertheless we are responsible. Because we participate in the current money system and with that validate a system based on profit, profit and more profit. Where some have it all, and the others have nothing. Where the have-it-all’s bomb the have-not’s - in order to protect their abundance and gain even more.

We propose an Equal Money System – where there will be no more profit to worship and pursuit. Where atrocities as the above will be something of the past – grandparents telling their grandchildren of the ‘gruesome old times’ where children died due to lack of food and health care; where animals were perceived ‘objects’ and tortured to death for fun; where human being were slaves of greed and survival, worshipping their one and only true God: Money… The Barbaric Dark Ages of human existence.
Lets work together in establishing a New World – where money does no longer determine our reality and Life in Dignity for All always comes first.
Educate yourself on the Equal Money System: http://equalmoney.org/ and

PS  Take a look in the mirror - read this blog by an Arab woman.
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