21 April 2011

Hospital going Haywire

There is this highly advanced hospital in the south of the Netherlands – where every patient has a computer above his bed fulfilling all the wishes of the sick. A completely automated institution. I got this email in my mailbox where the sender tells about his mother-in-law being hospitalized, I’ll translate:

“My mother-in-law has been hospitalized for several months now in this highly advanced hospital. Because the hospital is heavily in debt crisis they have been cutting down drastically on staff. Therefor the staff that is left can hardly cope with all the work and the patients have to do with very little personal care.

Robot - Equal MoneyMy mother-in-law confided in me she and other elderly patients have one big fear: fear of The Robot! Fear The Robot will enter the elevator…

Wtf, is she imagining things? Going out of her mind? I continued investigating the matter of The Robot and yes, a lot of the small jobs – like delivering mail and parcels all around the hospital - are performed by robots.

Starting from within the depths of the basements these robots are directed by computers to deliver their parcels. And so it happens you are in the elevator and such a robot enters, with speaking voice and lights flashing…

My mother-in-law and her elderly fellow sufferers fear they will be crushed, or even worse, by the speaking robot. So she will never ever take the elevator on her own, but always makes sure she is being accompanied by the group of fellow elderly patients – so they can as a group defend themselves against The Robot.

Rather sour – cutting back on staff but spending all that money on a high tech robot, feared by the patients!“

Now this makes no sense to me at all – why invest money in such an expensive robot and fire the people that did this job? I can’t imagine these robots really being that much cheaper to use, I mean, when they break down it will again cost a lot of money to repair. And they have to be maintained also – specialised skills needed=expensive labour.

But my main point is: what about the people in the hospital that like a little talk with the ‘mail man’ at their bedside, or a quick ‘Hello Mrs B how are you doing today?’ A robot won’t ask – and even if he did: it is not the same.
I think this is an undesirable situation and direction, replacing humans for robots where humans are needed…

I remember, when I was still in art school I made some money by cleaning rooms in this institution for disabled people. They were all so happy when I came to clean up their living space! Not just because of the cleaning but seeing another living being to have small talk with, to be seen and heard for a moment. I enjoyed the talks although I was not allowed to speak with them by the management!!! This was explicitly mentioned when I applied for the job – you are not allowed to talk to the people; just clean (and be silent).
Well, I didn’t care about the rule. But I ended up nearly getting fired; it was me getting ‘back problems’ so I decided to leave the job, but otherwise I would have been fired for sure.

When you are sick, in hospital or in an institution for disabled persons or otherwise locked up in an environment deprived of human contact, or just simply lonely – robots can’t fill in that gap.

Unfortunately money and profit is always a bigger motivator than human needs

badgeWe Destonians stand for the removal of this Money-Profit-God from the face of the Earth that always place money first and beings needs last. By implementing a new system, Equal Money we call it, every single human being on this Earth will be provided with the basic needs, like food, housing, clothes, education, health care – equally. No one will have more or less. Removing the fear of survival (where money and profit comes in and with that in-equality because some have it all, and most have nothing: no food, shelter, medical care, education…) because survival is been taking care of. We will be free to express ourselves as we are. And profit making will be something of the past – gone – exit – basta

Education is nevertheless of utmost importance. Education on the Equal Money System and Equality. What is Equality? What does it entail? What does it take? How can I support myself to become Equal to All? How can I support myself and others as well?
DesteniiProces is the answer. Look for info here.

Another point in rough times to come, is the economical situation. Our security is crumbling slowly but surely. More and more people lose their jobs, get unemployed and with that lose their financial stability in a world where money is everything. Without money you are lost. And the Equal Money System where fear of survival is no longer the guiding principle, is not yet established.

Therefor Desteni has developed the Income Plan to bridge this period. By the principle of Buy – Use – Sell you are able to not only provide yourself a decent income but also sharing with others this opportunity to establish a solid financial platform for yourself (and your family) and at the same time provide yourself with all the necessary tools to prepare yourself for and support the establishing of a World in Equality.
In this current system you and I we still need money, so lets support ourselves to establish a comfortable financial foundation.

DesteniiProcess Student number 97 I am participant and agent in the Desteni-I-Process and Desteni Income Plan. For more information you can contact me, and/or click on the logo below or visit the Desteni Website. Thanks.

 Desteni Equal Money
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