26 October 2008


An interesting point opened up a moment ago with regards to the Chakras in communication with the Human Physical Body:
The Heart-Chakra is the ‘manifested heart-of-the-system’. The manifested heart of the physical manifested mind-systems – meaning, systems so ingrained and infused within and as the physical together with you – that all that you consist of and exist as is such manifested physical systems.
The Heart-Chakra is the centralized point from which a substance is generated within and as the human physical body – together with the other chakra-points. This ‘substance’ consists of and exist as all the colours as the chakra-points’ colour representations.
This ‘substance’ is the ‘essence’ from which manifested physical systems ‘rebirth’ themselves and also ‘rejuvenate’ already existent one’s within and as the human physical body.
The function of the particular colouring of the substance in relation to the particular colouring of the chakra’s, is specific – as the colours represent the emotions and feelings concoctions that connect to form/manifest/design particular physically manifested systems within and as your human physical body.
Thus, within ‘meditation’ – within ‘activating’ the chakra’s – what is actually being given ‘power’ – the ‘source’ that is receiving ‘power’ from you the participant – is this ‘substance’ – and thus, in turn, what you’re actually activating upon meditating within chakra’s – is the substance as essence within and as your human physical body that rejuvenate and re-manifest ‘new’ upgraded physically manifested systems and further your becoming of a super-mind consciousness being.
This substance utilize your suppressed and compounded emotions and feelings that are categorized within the substance, of the substance according to colour – exactly as the colours of the chakra-points within the human physical body – to source itself with the necessary ‘power’ to re-manifest / re-birth already existent / new physical manifested systems within and as your human physical body to which you have defined yourself.


22 sept 2008

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