02 October 2008

Demons : Physical and Interdimensional

Daily Interdimensional Diary:
02 October 2008

In this moment, there exists both physical manifested mind-demons and interdimensional demons.

Interdimensional demons:
Have the ability to move within and through all physical human bodies and are not ‘claimed’ by one singular physical human body alone, so they move within and through various human physical bodies – directing primarily the ‘emotional and feeling, thought and memory’ embodiment of the being as the mind within the physical.

Physical demons:
Exists as the physical-manifested mind-systems and –constructs. The constructs and systems that are completely/entirely amalgamated and infused in and as the physical as which you actually live/exist – the absolute manifestation of you as the mind that can been seen within mannerism/behaviour within the ‘way you speak/act and present yourself’ physically in this world. Physical demons direct the physical-manifested mind-systems and –constructs of and as you.
Therefore, basically – the entire mind consciousness system as which you exist that has become the physical manifest, exists as demon-expressions – that are in absolute presence and awareness – assisting and supporting human beings in the most unexpected of ways – lol.

The practical function of Interdimensional and physical demons:
Interdimensional demons, exists as the emotions, feelings and thoughts, memories of the mind consciousness system – and that which is the ‘source-essence’ of the mind consciousness system as ‘energy’. Thus, Interdimensional demons exist as the ‘essence’ and ‘substance’ of the mind consciousness system and the Physical demons exists as the manifested structure of the mind consciousness system.

Within the interdimensional demons as their very being/expression standing as emotions/feelings/thoughts/memories/energy of and as the mind consciousness system as you – they are able to compound and intensify the innermost suppressed and hidden constructs and systems of mind that you exist as and participate within.

Within the compounding and intensifying – each human beings’ process is ‘short-circuited’, as emotions/feelings and memories/thoughts exist within the unified consciousness field space-time design that originate from within and of the mind itself.

Therefore – the most participated within emotions/feelings of thoughts/memories that eventually design/manifest constructs and system of minds that develop and is created within the physical – would only manifest over an extended period of time within which you enslave yourself ‘gradually’ and ‘eventually’ over space-time ‘live out’ and experience physically and so design events/occurrences within and as your reality.

Thus Space and Time – another method within which human beings were enslaved to the mind as the mind, that constructs and systems manifested within the physical – which design/create events/experiences within your world through constant participation in particular specific thoughts, memories, feelings, emotions and pictures – would only manifest years, even lifetimes after the initial system/construct integration in the physical that is you through the mind. Therefore – human beings not realising/aware – that they are individually responsible for the life they lead as it exists and their experience of themselves within and as it and occurrences/situations/experiences that manifest, seemingly unexpectedly – but was actually created/designed years ago/even lifetimes ago – through within and as direct participation / constant participation in particular specific thoughts, memories, feelings, emotions and pictures.

The space-time design – causing human beings not to ‘remember’ how they actually exactly directly and actively designed occurrences/situations/experiences within their reality that directly influence them in all ways imaginable – such as car-accidents, deaths of family/friends, breaking bones, relationships falling, losing money, being without money...and the list goes on.

This is the function of the interdimensional demons – to ‘fold space-time’ so to speak through intensifying/compounding, so that what you accept and allow yourself to participate within constantly as particular/specific thoughts, memories, emotions and feelings that design/manifest specific constructs/systems in the physical related to the thoughts/feelings/memories/emotions/pictures, which you from there actually ‘live as you’ and in this ‘living’ create and design your reality accordingly and also your experience within it, affecting/influencing yourself and others as yourself – all this to manifest instantaneously within you and your world – and not to manifest only over and within the ‘space-time continuum’ of years/lifetimes.

Now – within the physical-manifestation of constructs/systems designed/created by you, through constant participation in particular specific emotions/feelings/thoughts/pictures/memories = this is where the physical demons come in to ‘play’/the ‘scene’ – lol.

So, you have the interdimensional demons, compounding and intensifying the emotions/feelings/thoughts/pictures/memories and your participation and experience within it through, within and as the energy/charges involved within/during this process – the physical demons then in turn compound and intensify the design/creation and integration/manifestation of systems and constructs created by/through the beings participation in emotions/feelings/thoughts/pictures/memories of mind – which then in turn – manifest within and as your reality instantly/over a shorter period of ‘time’ so to speak.

This done:
Firstly: So that human beings can actually see/realise for themselves within direct actual experience – that each one is actually manifesting/creating their experience of themselves both within and without – through constant continuous accepted and allowed participation in all and everything as that which the mind consist of and exist as – and how such accepted and allowed participation – is influencing and affecting themselves and all other beings within their world as themselves and this world in its entirety.

Secondly: So that human beings can directly face themselves – directly for themselves, by themselves – see/realise what they have become as the actual physical manifested truth of themselves as how they are accepting and allowing themselves to exist and as what they are accepting and allowing themselves to exist.

Because within both these points discussed – the being cannot hide/deny themselves as the physical manifested truth of themselves – because they are actually physically directly experiencing themselves ‘for real’ – themselves as their real reality as the mind, that has become the mind – no more only exist in the confinements of the head-region as an idea/imaginative-reality – the actual reality that exists that the mind represent – that each being has become – is now manifesting in actuality here in and as the physical – to be faced directly through actual experience(s) and stopped.

Therefore, instead of walking a billion year process to sort out the billion year fuck-up of the past that has brought us to where and how and as what we exist as in the moment at this moment as this moment here – that we have directly created by ourselves as ourselves – the interdimensional demons and physical demons that is ourselves that is compounding the entire mind consciousness system that has become ourselves, that is ourselves – we short-circuit this process for all as one as equal as ourselves.

An example to assist in giving a practical perspective of the function of the interdimensional and physical demons as discussed above – to but ‘show’ you how they’d operate:
Let’s say you have a being that is in relationship with a partner, and this particular being’s dreams and wishes of being in a ‘perfect-relationship’ as what has always been dreamed and wished for to be experienced with his/her perfect partner – has come true.

To ‘balance’ the polarity created/designed by this being – from doing anything/everything possible to have been able to ‘get’ and ‘have’ this relationship, of being the owner of a ‘proud-relationship’ – fear of loss exists, fear of losing that which has been ‘gotten’, that which this being now ‘have’ and ‘own’, that which has been so worked hard for, that which has been dreamed of, wished for and hoped for, for so long.

Thus, certain thoughts that reflect ‘fear of loss’ arise within the being, such as for example: ‘What if my partner leaves me for another’ or ‘what if my partner cheats on me’ – due to the being’s own lack/insufficiency of self-worth and self acceptance which manifest comparison within the ‘not being good-enough’ construct.

Now – the particular emotion as ‘fear of loss’ together with the specific thought that pertain to and reflect the emotion of/as fear of loss as for example ‘what if my partner leaves me for another’ – is compounded and intensified within the being through and as the interdimensional demon that will stand as the being’s emotion/thought.

Within this compounding/intensifying of this particular emotion and thought the being has accepted and allowed themselves to participate within – the being almost immediately start ‘living this fear of loss as themselves’ – in all that they do within their world – changing/transforming themselves in such a way as to ensure that they do not lose their partner.

Within the living of themselves as this fear – this is when the emotion/thought manifest a system/construct in and as the physical of the being as the being – thus why, thus the reason why the being actually starts existing and living as this fear as themselves, caused by but one thought generating an emotion – seen within how they’d change the presentation/behaviour of themselves in and as everything that they do and this is where the physical-demons come in – as they ‘quicken’ the pace of the thought/emotion to creation/design into and as a system/construct that manifest in and as the physical – which the being ‘live out’ actively in expression to/towards the being(s).

Because the moment a construct/system designed/created of participation in particular/specific thoughts/emotions/feelings manifest as you in the physical which you ‘actively live out’ – it will manifest in and as your physical reality one and equal – as experiences/events that take place.

Thus, what will happen – is the being will ‘lose’ their partner to another being – they have created it, they have manifested it and designed the event to occur – because they actually physically, actively lived as an accepted and allowed fear of loss construct/system, that manifested as themselves through constantly and continuously participating within such a ‘fear of loss’ – as defining themselves as the emotion of fear and the thought within which they participated within as ‘what if my partner leaves me for another’.

Therefore, the interdimensional demon, will compound/intensify the emotion/thought to such an extent that it becomes really distinct – that the being actually really knows that they are participating in this emotion/thought – and actually experiencing this participation in this emotion/thought through actually knowing that they are deliberately changing themselves in an attempt to prevent the inevitable.

In this compounding/intensifying of thought/emotion – the being will ‘change’ themselves ‘faster’ and will so much faster start living the ‘change’ because they have become the manifested fear of loss, because of their constant continuous participation in the thought and emotion.

The physical-demon will then ‘quicken’ this change – wherein the thought/emotion transform into a manifested system/construct in and as the physical, which ‘support’ the change of the being into and as their existence of fear of loss ,as fear of loss, and the being start living this fear of loss as themselves.

Within the living of themselves as fear of loss – they become the living expression as fear of loss – which will then manifest in their physical-reality to be experienced.

And so the being will lose their partner almost before the relationship even started – instead of years and years after the relationship started – within which the emotion/thought would’ve only in space-time manifest as a construct/system lived as the being as fear of loss – within which the event would’ve only taken place ‘then’ – instead of almost immediately.

And if the being doesn’t see – the same event will take place over/over/over/over again – until they stop and question themselves or leave this reality/this world to transcend in the interdimensional existence to come back and face the point again.

Understand, this is but a simple example – to merely illustrate the practicality of the interdimensional demon and the physical demon as the manifested mind consciousness system each being has become – to give perspective of what we discussed above. The events/experiences to manifest in being’s lives is much more ‘intense’ / ‘specific’ than this example with regards to ‘relationships’.

So – there is a rough ‘time’ ahead for each one of this world – for all equally and one – as each one walk through their individual processes alone – to face the physical-manifested self-created mind-reality that each one has become through direct participation and this directly responsible for – through, within and as direct actual physical experiences in this world.

Each one has got the tools – live them and walk here in every moment of breath – as you walk through yourself – to stand up as who you really are here.

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