26 December 2008

The Atlanteans: Part One

25 December 2008

The Appearance and Physicality of the Atlanteans:

The Atlanteans’ ‘skin’ consisted of ‘scales’ that were primarily light-blue to light-grey and white in shading.
When standing in the sun – their ‘skin’ would project a resonating gleam of all the colours of the rainbow – as though the colours itself were alive and dancing upon the surface of the Atlanteans’ body.
Interestingly enough – their skin wasn’t ‘wet, slimy and coarse’ as one would expect the texture of a ‘skin of scales’ to be.
Rather – their ‘skin of scales’ was as soft as silk and as smooth and moist as butter to the touch.

Their physical body did not have any ‘bone structure’ whatsoever. Their physical form existed of meat and sinew only, and was as stable and strong as concrete itself, yet at the same time as flexible, formidable and graceful in movement as water itself.

The experience of looking into their eyes was as looking into a ‘mini-dome’ filled with crystals as their eyes shone the colour of resonating light; crystal blue and white. Giving a ‘descriptive perspective,' it was as though their eyes were the manifestation of the stars of the universe.
When one looked into their eyes – for a moment, everything else disappeared and all that existed in that moment was you looking into the embodiment of the universe of the stars as the eyes of the Atlanteans – seeing into the vastness of infinity embodied as manifested eyes. This was the experience when looking into the eyes of the Atlanteans – completely overwhelming one, removing all sense of ‘reality’ as one is mesmerized by infinity as their eyes.

Hence why some experienced it quite intimidating standing before the Atlanteans and looking them straight in the eyes. For the experience was as them being able to see every part of you, where nothing of you was hidden, where no secret could be from them; as they see you as all that you are as you stand before them. As you see them in their infinite expression manifested as their eyes.

Their ears weren’t positioned next to their head-region - just below the ‘temples’ as with human beings. Instead, their ears were manifested upon a section that was positioned upon their forehead/face-region and manifested just above, yet right next to their eyes.
This ‘section’ formed from the centre of their forehead-region to just above their eyes – this entire section ‘protruding’ from within their forehead/face-region, elevated to sit on top of the forehead/face region from which the ears of the Atlanteans emerge.
Therefore, the Atlanteans ears ‘emerge’ from within this ‘section’ that is manifested on top of the forehead/face region situated just above the Atlanteans’ eyes.
The 'form’ of the ears itself was that of taking both your hands before you, straightening your fingers and bringing your wrists together – meaning, a ‘slightly cupped v-shaped form.’. And the ‘rims’ of the ears were formed as manifested ‘sound-waves’ as follows:
The rest of the physical-form of their ear's surface also forms according to the rim-formation of the ears as the manifested form of 'sound-waves.' The ears itself are quite large in comparison to the rest of their head-region – though has a specific ‘function’ that forms ‘partial support' the Atlanteans within their particular expression with water and sound that will be discussed as we continue within this document.

Their mouths and lips were quite petite yet similar in design as that of human beings’ lips and they had neither teeth nor tongue. Instead, within the centre of their mouths was a manifested ball of ‘sound movement expression’ that consisted of and existed as the ‘one manifested expression of all the sounds of existence’ together.

The rest of their mouth's inside was pitch-black with this ball of sound movement expression as the one manifested expression of all the sounds of existence together existing as all the colours imaginable and unimaginable – situated right in the centre of their mouths. And it is from within this sound-manifestation in the centre of their mouths that they’d direct themselves to speak as within voicing themselves, as well as creating/manifesting with water and sound.

Their hair was silvery white in colour and would swish and dance in ethereal-like graceful movement as though ‘coming alive’ in itself when the Atlanteans would walk. Therefore as the Atlanteans would walk, their hair would move in motion to the movement of their walking – their hair the motion that supports their physical movement in expression.
They never used their arms when walking as humans do – they would walk with both arms in front of their body with their thumbs and index fingers forming a diamond-shape form. With their thumbs pressed together and their index-finger tips pressed together that form the diamond-shape, with the rest of their fingers aligned straight with their hands positioned in front of their ‘hip-area.'

Their physique, movement and expression as their physical form were the epitome of perfection. They were not separate from their physical form as with human beings, with ‘a being in a physical form’ wherein the being is separate from the physical-form they inhabit. They were their physical form absolutely as though it was their physical form that was the ‘life,’ that was ‘alive’ in itself; this was very distinct and prominent within the particular expression of the Atlantean-race.

For example, imagine your human physical body existing, living and expressing itself in awareness without your presence as the mind, with your human physical form as manifested life itself – living, existing as expression; this is how I’d describe the expression that was the Atlanteans one and equal as their physical form. Their physical form was very tall, long, slender and fine-tuned – I would describe the physical form and expression of the Atlanteans in such a sentence: ‘God spending most of his time on the meticulous creation of the existence that is the Atlanteans to absolute perfection, specificity and preciseness.'
Their hands and fingers were as long, slender and fine-tuned as the rest of their physical form – though did not have ‘nails’ in particular. Their fingers emerged from their hands as one expression as their fingers form from within their hands to end as sharp-pointed tips which was used for a particular function that I will discuss as we continue.

Their entire physical form consisted of ‘scales’ except for their hair and the sections below their hands and feet that consisted of myriads of small ‘suction and release’ embodiments’ – almost unnoticeable, similar to what as seen with that of the Octopus, which assisted and supported with movement and walking on water with their feet and creation and manifestation with water and sound with their hands and fingers.
These ‘embodiments’ below their feet would literally ‘breathe in and breathe out’ as/while the Atlanteans would walk on water.
The split-second before the Atlantean would place their foot upon the surface of the water to walk upon it; the ‘suction and release embodiment manifestations’ ‘breathed in’ the water surrounding the surface of the foot and merge with the water. The merging of the ‘suction and release embodiment manifestations’ with the water surrounding the foot would then form a ‘platform’ on the surface of the water that is merged with the foot, with and of the water itself, upon which the Atlanteans would ‘step’ as they’d walk on the surface of the water. The moment the foot is lifted off of the surface of the water, the ‘suction and release embodiment manifestations’ below the foot ‘breathe out,' releasing the water that was ‘sucked in’ to form the manifested platform with water upon which the Atlantean stepped. And so the process of ‘walking on water’ would manifest as the ‘suction and release embodiment manifestations’ supported the Atlanteans’ walking on water.
When not ‘walking on water’ with their feet and not ‘playing with the creation and manifestation of water and sound’ – the ‘suction and release embodiment manifestations’ upon the bottom of their feet and hands would extract into their feet and hands to form ‘scales’ as the Atlanteans would be able to extract and protrude these ‘suction and release embodiment manifestations’ upon their hands and feet when required, at will.

Their neck, lower stomach-region, wrists and ankles consisted of ‘strings or threads’ of ‘meat and sinew’ that consisted of and as the exact same manifestation as that of the rest of their physical bodies.

For example, as though their head were ‘severed’ from their body and attached/connected to each other with such ‘strings/threads of meat and sinew’. Though the ‘strings/threads of meat and sinew’ come from within and of their head region and their chest region that ‘connect’ their head to/with the rest of their body and so also the case with their lower stomach-region, wrists and ankles.
So, instead of having manifested ankles, wrists, lower stomach-region and neck – it consisted of strings/threads of meat and sinew, the ‘strings/threads’ as I have explained, consisting one and equal as the exact same manifested expression as that of the rest of their physical bodies, and were as stable and strong yet flexible and formidable as the rest of their physical-bodies.

This particular design of the Atlanteans’ physical form of ‘strings/threads’ along with their sharp-pointed tipped fingers, the ‘suction-embodiments’ upon the bottom-section of their hands and the particular design of their ears was specific for and of the support of the Atlanteans’ particular expression of creating and manifesting with sound and water.
Within the centre of their forehead, upon the section from which their ears emerge, the ‘section’ manifested upon the forehead/face region; was a crystal. This crystal, was the ‘manifested symbol’ as the ‘manifested embodiment’ of the existence and expression of the Atlanteans as Water and Sound. As crystals were the ‘sound-symbol’ manifested expression of water and sound together – as that which the Atlantean existed as, as their primary ‘life force expression’ which was: Water and Sound.

The Atlanteans particularly expressed themselves within the creation and manifestation of crystal-formations as manifested ‘sound-symbols’ in various formed expressions. Such manifested expressions of/as crystal-formations that is manifested ‘sound-symbols’ created from water and sound was done with the support of their particular physical-form design of the ‘strings/threads’ along with their sharp-pointed tipped fingers, the ‘suction-embodiments’ upon the bottom-section of their hands and the particular design of their ears as well as this manifested crystal upon their forehead.

Within Part Two – we’ll continue with the The Appearance and Physicality of the Atlanteans section and how their physical form's ‘functionalities’ assisted and supported within their particular expression of creating and manifesting with sound and water the manifested sound-symbols and/as crystals.


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