28 December 2008

The Hardening System

Self Infatuation = Stubbornness = Hardening of Physicality
26 December 2008

The following System was discovered: The ‘Hardening System’

The ‘Hardening System’ exists within the lungs of the human physical body and its ‘structure and design’ is one with and equal to the structured design of the lungs of the human physical body.
In other words, the ‘Hardening System’ exists within and as the exact alignment of the lungs itself and is white in colouring.
The ‘Hardening System’ is of the mind consciousness system and exists within the lungs of the human physical body from birth, remaining dormant until the moment it is ‘activated’.

The ‘activation’ of the ‘Hardening System’ initiates its own activation before the certain specific age is reached when the construct of self infatuation, create a ‘living being as stubbornness’ – wherein a being becomes so rigid and unmerciful as stubbornness consume them within their self-defined persona of ‘who I am’ wherein there exist no more ‘free energy’ within the human physical body for the mind consciousness system to survive upon – then also the ‘Hardening System’ will ‘activate’.
Self Infatuation = Stubbornness = The Hardening of Physicality
Self Infatuation from the perspective of being entirely and completely secluded into a reality that knows only the boundaries of your own mind and that which you come into direct contact with, within ‘your world’ that only encompass that which you participate within, from a ‘day to day basis’.

Infatuated with only yourself within the limited constrictions of your own mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions and your minute world that is referred to as ‘your life’ – wherein in essence – no-one and nothing else exist within this world or is considered or regarded, such as other human beings, animals and nature of this world within which you exist – completely, entirely consumed with only ‘me, myself and I’ = this is Self Infatuation, which is also referred to as Self-Interest, Selfishness etc.

Within accepting and allowing self to continue within such an Self Infatuated existence – one becomes the ‘living definition’ of self-infatuation, as you ‘live out day after day’ only that ‘which you’ve always lived’ throughout your life – remaining within the bound constrictions of your mind, existing within only ‘your world’ wherein only self, I and me exist within your perceived reality of ‘who I am’ and nothing and no-one else within this world that you exist within and with is regarded or considered in any way whatsoever – living the belief that is the lie readily accepted that shun the condition and state of the rest of the world that is you which is: ‘It’s always been this way’...

As you become the living definition of Self-Infatuation, never changing – completely, entirely controlled by/through your self-defined reality that exist as your mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions projected unto ‘your world’ as the confinements manifested as that which you participate in and those that you participate with – ‘self’ as the living definition of stubbornness emerge.
Stubbornness from the perspective that ‘you have now decided ‘who I am’ as the persona of self-infatuation that you have lived, created and defined through only existing/living within the limited confinement of only ‘your mind’ and ‘your world’ – creating the egoistic creed as the ‘lived regulations of the now-manifested living definition of you as stubbornness: “Nothing and No-one will or can ever change me, I live my life as I please as I’ve always lived it, as its always been and that’s it – fuck everything and everyone else”.

Such a becoming and expression as the manifested nature of self, ‘stepping into’ a ‘manifested embodiment’ of ‘stubbornness’, created from accepting and allowing self to only exist as the living definition of self infatuation = is a ‘limit’ reached for/of the mind consciousness system within it’s ‘evolutionary’ process of manifesting you as how you’d define ‘who I am’ as the mind itself.
So, from accepting and allowing you to be/become the ‘living definition’ of ‘stubbornness’ as existing within your own self-designed regulations and constrictions of how you’d define ‘who I am’ – wherein you decided that this ‘who I am’ that you believe/perceive yourself to be of the mind is ‘all that you will ever be’ and live such an acceptance and allowance of ‘this is all that I will ever be and so it is’ = this is when the ‘Hardening System’ activate, because this is an ‘lived indication’ as yourself – that your mind as you as what you’ve accepted and allowed yourself to exist as: Has reached its ‘optimum’ ‘point’ of ‘evolution’ and can no more ‘function in its evolutionary process through you’ and thus the mind in itself becomes ‘without purpose’.

The moment the mind consciousness system reaches its ‘optimum point’ of ‘evolution’ within/through a human being, wherein a human being through/as the mind live their one definition of ‘who I am’ within the mind of self infatuation, becoming stubborn within their definition/experience of ‘who I am’ in/as the mind – the mind consciousness system ‘shut down’ to a ‘low frequency of activeness’ such as a heart-beat that beats ever so slow moments before a being dies – and the ‘Hardening System’ activates.

The ‘Hardening System’ ‘feed off of’ this ‘energetic charge’ manifested as the human being existing in and as the human physical body through the mind as ‘stubbornness’ – and slowly but surely, from the lungs, spread within and throughout the entire human physical body. Permeating within and throughout flesh and bone and integrates and amalgamates with and as all of the human physical body as what it exist as.
Within and during this process within the integration and amalgamation of the ‘Hardening System’ – its particular ‘programmed function’ is to literally ‘harden’ the physical human body – which manifest the following ‘symptoms’ in/as the human physical body:
Brittle Bones
Muscular atrophy
Skin degeneration
Uncontrollable muscular spasms
Immovable Muscles, where the muscle-tissue hardens to such an extent that it becomes unusable

These the most prominent manifested consequences experienced due to the activation, integration and amalgamation of the ‘Hardening System’ due to accepted and allowed infatuation of self-infatuation wherein self becomes the living definition of ‘stubbornness’ within/as/through the mind consciousness system.

Basically, how we accept/allow ourselves to deliberately kill ourselves ‘through time’ within a period of long suffering towards inevitable death through accepting/allowing ourselves to only exist within the seclusion of the mind, within a reality wherein only ‘self, I and me’ exist – that cause us to literally diminish ourselves to the extent wherein ‘who we really are’ becomes non-existent and the mind takes over so completely – that this accepted non-existent diminishment of ourselves manifest as the long, insufferable road to inevitable death: Another ‘reason’ why death exist in itself = we’re creating it through living ‘death’ as we accept/allow ourselves to be infatuated with the mind only – ‘forgetting’ not taking into consideration or regarding the rest of existence, this world that is ourselves.

Therefore suggested, to stop accepting/allowing self to exist within self-infatuation – from the perspective of only being infatuated with your own mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions wherein the mind consume you to the point of you becoming the living definition of ‘stubbornness’ – not hearing, not living, not expressing, not taking anything or anyone else into consideration but your own mind and your own world wherein only self, I and me of mind exist – possessed by/through your own infatuation as the mind, existing as stubbornness and eventually dying – leaving behind a meaningless existence, wherein you never actually really existed, but only your mind as a system.

Identify ‘infatuations’ – meaning, what self-definitions through the mind ‘possess you’, that you’ve defined as ‘who you are’ such as ‘habits’ for example that you’re not changing but continually existing as because you believe/perceive it to be ‘who you are and how you are’ and is apparently ‘unchangeable’. When it’s not ‘unchangeable’ – you simply don’t want to change yourself within such habits, because you fear losing that definition of you of the mind.
Such as for example, being infatuated with ‘laziness’ – wherein you only live/exist as ‘laziness’ which will eventually become the living definition of you as ‘stubbornness’, wherein no matter what support/assistance is provided for you – you’ll simply refuse to change through picking yourself up and start living self-discipline here.
In such a case, you’ve so much become the living manifestation of laziness as stubbornness manifest – that you’ll remove yourself from this world, because you’re already ‘dead’, not existing, meaning not living – that you manifest this ‘non-existence’ physically through dying.

Self-expansion is the key – to assist and support self to stop accepting/allowing self to diminish and literally become non-existent through accepting and allowing self to define self through/as the mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions through self forgiveness, self corrective action, breathing and writing lived in self honesty here.
To ‘expand self HERE’ through standing one and equal with self as all that exist – living self responsibility in taking into consideration and regarding all that exist as you – and realise: That this world is the way it is because of what we’re accepting and allowing ourselves to live through/as the mind – and stop living the excuse: It’s always been this way...

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