18 December 2008

xmas turkey: My experience of being eaten

Hai, I am a, or was a Christmasdinner turkey. And I am here to speak for those turkeys who are still alive and well and enjoying the experience of themselves within this world currently.
I am here to share my experience of being eaten.

Before I continue: the turkeys and meat that human beings will be preparing for Christmas or Thanksgiving meal - understand that what you are eating there, that very meat, is the reincarnation of your loved ones and your family members. So realize that when you eat that meat, that very meat is the manifestation of your loved ones or family members or friends that have crossed over into the interdimensional existence. You are eating your loved ones, family members and friends.

I was a turkey in this world, you know we are born and we are in all of this beautiful existence and nature within which we experience ourselves quite freely. I enjoyed the manifestation of me as a turkey.
And here comes human beings who, because they have apparently minds, they are now superior and greater than us animals, than myself the turkey. And you know, it is very painful if you take us by tails, feathers, wings, I mean, imagine you being carried by this one arm, being swung around by another human being. Or by your hair, that's exactly the pain that we endure and experience. And then kill us by any means possible, pluck our feathers while we are still alive, handle us and treat us like we are nothing, we are just food. Realise human beings, that the turkeys or any dinner meal consisting of meat that you are preparing for Christmas or Thanksgiving is that of your family members, loved ones and friends incarnated within this world - which you deliberately removed from this world in the most atrocious, unacceptable ways imaginable. We endure so much pain for you to be able to nurture and sustain you because of your greed in what you want to consume, but no human being actually understands what pain and what suffering these animals endure, just for you to eat.

And you do not require meat in this world. Human beings, it is not necessary to sustain your human physical body with meat.
The reason and the only reason why meat is sold as the necessity for the human physical body in this world is for one reason only: money. And that's it. Only money.
Realise that that meat that you are eating, you are eating because of greed in what you consume, because of what you want, desire and need apparently. Instead of actually understanding and realising what you're eating, how it got to your plate and what that animal endured for you to be able to eat that.

So human beings, I would take into consideration again before you eat meat. And realise that that what you do unto others as you, you will experience accordingly. So all human beings that currently abuse and slaughter animals and eat animals without any consideration of the actual experience that we endure - it is meat that's on your plate, that's it, for money only and money only, that's it.
No regard for what the animals actually experienced or went through because you do not even know, you are not even aware. Some human beings choose to remain ignorant of it - you will actually in the life experience yourself as an animal being slaughtered and killed for meat. And realise that the pain does not stop. From when you're physically killed the pain continues as you eat the meat and mash the meat with your teeth. It is extensively painful according to what I experienced as well. Because you remain aware, you remain always aware. Even to the point where we get into you stomach, where you poop it out, flush down the toilet into the drains - all the way through we experience ourselves.

Everything in existence is aware. What I am saying as a turkey that has been a Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner: it is not necessary to slaughter the Animal Kingdom for meat. The human physical body does not require meat. The Earths nature provides many means of protein which is sufficient for the human physical body. Meat only exists and is only been sold to make money, for money and money only and that's it.

You may think that you eat meat, or justify that you eat meat, for protein in your human physical body, when you actually have been programmed to believe that. And not even taking into consideration what us as the Animal Kingdom are going through when you eat meat, so blissfully ignorant of what we are experiencing.
Because the Animal Kingdom is not of any mindsystem design, we experience pain 10 times more intense than humans do. We are 10 times more sensitive than you are. So whatever you experience as pain multiplied by 10 and you have an idea of what it is we experience when you slaughter and kill us. Because you have been programmed to believe that your human physical body needs meat.

Thank you very much, this is the Christmas turkey that has gone through the mould so to speak. And there are human beings that have crossed over into this world and incarnated as animals that have been slaughtered and killed for food for human beings, and they actually have an understanding, a real understanding of what it is we are going through. We are not able to stop it any other way. We have to stop what we have accepted and allowed within this world as ourselves.

Thank you.

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