13 March 2008

The Design of Fearing your own Fear

Interesting, is it not? Did you know that… Let’s take for instance, you make a list on a piece of paper of all the fears that exist within you. But what is interesting is, it is, it will look like this:

“I fear death.”
“I fear pain.”
“I fear being shot.”
“I fear bleeding to death.”
“I fear burning to death.”

But what is interesting… what is the first statement in that entire sentence? ‘I fear’.
And the – ‘I fear’ is the first statement placement – ‘dying’, the second. So, ‘dying’ is a derivative from ‘I fear’. So ‘I fear’ is actually the manifestation of you as what you have accepted and allowed yourself to be one with and equal to.

So how does fear look like within human beings? Have a look, this is very fascinating. Let’s take for instance “I fear death”. ‘I fear’ is the first statement, ‘death’ is the outflow-derivate of ‘I fear’, which is the manifestation of what you have accepted and allowed yourself to be one with and equal to as fear. Now ‘death’ in itsself is fear. So actually, what you’re saying is “I fear fear.”

Let’s take another example. “I fear bleeding to death.” ‘I fear’, I.. fear.. which means ‘I am fear, I accept and allow myself to be one with and equal to fear.’ ‘Bleeding to death’ is the derivative of this fear-manifestation of what you’ve accepted and allowed yourself to be one with and equal to. ‘Bleeding to death’ in itsself is a fear. So, it’s “I fear fear”, again. Human beings fear their own fear. The most simplest yet, most ‘seemingly complex’ design within and as human beings mind consciousness system. Design human beings to fear their own fear and they exist in constant, continuous fear within themselves – charging, powering and generating the mind consciousness system within and as them.

But now, you can’t just go “I don’t fear anymore, it is now done.” No, you’ve built layers upon layers upon layers of self-definition within and as you as ‘I fear’ as ‘I am fear’ as the manifestation of you as what you’ve accepted and allowed yourself to be one with and equal to. So your “I fear fear” is ‘hidden’ in multiple different manifestations, it is like the tree of the mind system of fear. You have the roots which is fear itsself, which you’ve nurtured and grown with “I fear fear”, which is “I fear death”, which is “I fear bleeding to death”, “I fear being stabbed”, “I fear being robbed” - when that very ‘robbed’, ‘killed’, ‘stabbed’, ‘bleed’ is fears in itsself as a manifested placement within this world.

So, human beings fear their own fear, which exists within them, which they have accepted and allowed themselves to be one with and equal to.

So, human beings, I suggest the following: Make a list of all your fears, but you have to go in deep within yourself in absolute self-honesty and have a look at what it is that you’re accepting and allowing yourself to be one with and equal to in how you’ve designed you to fear your own fear. And so, you have to dis-embed yourself from all the “I fear fears” that you have connected in the relationship to your mind, because now your mind is designed according to your “I fear fears” which you’ve been designed and placed as pictures and words. For instance, you write down “I fear dying.” You say “I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to fear dying. I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to connect ‘dying’ to ‘fear’ itsself, and thus I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to fear my own fear.” And you do the same thing and just replace the word ‘dying’ with ‘bleeding to death’ or ‘being stabbed to death’.

Why? Human beings, realise that the generation and re-juvenation of fear within and as you is what is charging everything else that exist within this world. If you fear being stabbed to death, you charge and generate your mind consciousness system through your unconscious mind, it balances out in the unified consciousness field and someone else is stabbed to death. Because of your fear existing within you - because we exist in a unified consciousness field, we work on ‘polarity equated balance formations’ – it has to balance out somewhere else.

So, human beings, do not accept and allow yourself to be controlled or influenced by fear. Fearing fear itsself, interesting. And this fear you give ‘life to’, ‘attention to’, ‘power to’, ‘control to’ if you ‘think’ and ‘believe’ you are ‘powerless’ against fear. It is interesting, human beings think that if they fear something, they’re protecting themselves against the happening from them. You know, fear of dying – because if you fear dying, ‘maybe it won’t happen’. Then human beings exist their whole life in absolute fear of death and, what happens?, you die. Human beings, realise that you are inevitably dying within this world. Your human physical body can only last so long.

So the question is, are you actually going to live you as who you are in every moment of every breath or are you going to exist in constant, continuous fear, your entire existence until you one day die? Then inevitably, because you hold on to your fears, related to dying, you’re feeding the system, it balances out and someone else experiences what you fear. Stop the mind, human beings, it is not who you are. Live in every moment of self-honesty as self-trust and self-expression as you.

Thank you very much.
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