30 March 2008

Forcing yourself into action that is touchable

Use the following as your guideline as to where you are in process and as guideline as to what still must be given direction in this world of yours

1-- see that humanity is one body--you and each human is one cell and each cell represents what you have allowed yourself to become and now you must heal you

2--Realise--then to first prepare yourself with the Armour/tools to do this healing--that tools are self forgiveness on all the cells manifested and self honesty to make sure you will never again --even if you forget-- yourself to become any of the expressions of these cells that manifested as humans--then you will have self will--now you are ready to take the task on big time as self directed self expression --firstly as Revelation as life in every moment no matter what and secondly as the force of life forcing yourself to stand up and do something tangible/that you can touch in 3d with your days to sort out yourself

then you start to get the idea of what equality and oneness mean and how we are responsible for this world

3--look--if you do nothing--you will be a slave--and some-one else--another cell--will be in your face and remove your mask with the force of life--which is life force

4. so--I suggest--get your lifeforce forceful and forcibly force all parts of you to life-- or you die with the rest of your body--must reincarnate again--take 350 billion years to get here and face the same point

Realise this--throughout ages and many live and many processes we have all been all things and we have all done all things--so--to stop this--we will have to force ourselves to forgive ourselves--I find that where we are not willing to forgive ourselves--we blame some-one else as well for something that we are not willing to forgive them for

so--reflect as see if this is so

another way we trap ourselves is where we see ourselves as weak--especially with addictions and then we are not willing to trust that we will be able to change and then we cover it with--I am not able to forgive myself--self discipline necessary--and if not--don't worry--some traumatic time loop will sort all these problems out in the course of the next few years

Q. Given that humanity is one body consisting of many cells - then does that body have a 'head', a central point to which each cell relates in order to have the body function properly, give it direction, purpose or some form of organisation?

There is no head but a principle-- equality and oneness--currently this principle is fear and control as typified by religion and government and new world order--thus--this is the direction humanity as a whole is following as in heading

to be effective in this--we must focus on the 3d reality and discard anything else but what we are able to do as direct revelation and direct intervention--so to speak--clear the head of humanity as it is our head as well and this will then determine the head/direction our children will follow and eventually ourselves when we return in another body to continue our process

in future the continuation in another body will be directly according to self application--that has never been the case for 350 billion years and is one of the reasons the situation is in atrophy

Understand--the body as perceived by the mind--is what you see as cells

in reality---each cell is an actual universe--that means that all of heaven fit in one human cell

this gives you an idea of the awesome nature of man and why man is contained for a moment to become self aware and self responsible

Man became what man allowed--we are both our greatest support or our greatest destruction--and the world is OUR creation--and we will be stuck here till we stop creating in the ways we do

Q. Now, if we're mind consciousness systems, then who's currently doing the process? Is it the system or some part(self) that's who we are?
I ask this because, consciousness stated in it's article that it was actively engaged in the process of self termination.

Correct--all is self terminating--yet in this exist the possibility of life to be born-- and that is what is here for each being--and see--even a system is of life--yet separate--we created the systems and the unified field and now it is collapsing--we have to find a way or will fall with it

Q. And who decides all this? Who is the grand master behind this. There must be something doing this right, deciding: dimensions end now, incarnate as animals now etc... or is it an action==> reaction thing?

Q. yes - this seems to be one o the big q´s: WHO decided that?
Could it be equality and oneness as life as who we really are. Life itself.
in one of my conversations with me..(sorry C), he said; and who decided reincarnation should change? I certainly didn´t..! LOL
Ok, so you decide instead to go on as is? self destruct - is that to be preferred??
The perception that choice exists....the creation we are about to create once we stand as equal and one will be as far in the other direction to what we have created as possible. The memory of realization of what we did allow in creation 1, will into eternity make sure we never forget and never repeat!

There is no choice--separation exist because choice is perceived to exist--once realised that choice do not exist--one and equal it is

so-- once man give up choice--equality and oneness is manifested as self

each human being is one cell in the body of the world--

thus each one stand as slave to the body of the world unless they accept all parts of the body--all cells as themselves-- and direct those parts that is in dis ease or can cerious--but never Abel

thus--life is action as is breath--action

to sit in silence and beLIEf that all is fine --will cause a wake up call after death that one should avoid

forgiveness is a force--it does not happen without discipline and forced self honesty--it is especially the difficult forgiveness that will assist the most

we are all equal as a cell in the body-- I choose to reach out and wake up the rst of the body and ask others to join in the process

in that I share what I have found is REPEATABLE practical and effective--and give long lasting results

Q. Is this similar to the Ho'oponopono technique of Joe Vitale???? the master that taught him that told him that he first have to understand that he's responsible for everything that happens in this world and take the blame on him and after that he needs to forgive himself for what he's done. this is really similar

yes--that would be an example

but one must then find what is practical for all life in this world and stop all abuse as all you take responsibility for--to take all things upon yourself and make sure the forgiveness you did become the actions that change not only self--but the world--or it will be useless

so--the knowledge of forgiveness is useless--the action to manifest the correction is all that will be of value
till it is done

Q. manifest correction?

To live and apply the correction, eg:
I forgive myself for being envious - that is not enough. Now you apply yourself in situations and breathe and correct the causes for envy until that is not a reaction any more.

In other words you find the solution to the way that you have been experiencing yourself and you apply yourself until you are the correction (manifest)

you have to be the action that correct the situation and become the action and drive the action till it is done

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