31 March 2008

Veno 10 Matrix 8 on Secret of Self Support

Hi this is Veno again.

As I told you I will assist you guys with some practical application to assist you in this world.

Okay so what is the most common situation in this world? Money, survival and relationships.
So the first start would be your thoughts and for instance when you experience emotions and feelings. So your thoughts, clearly your thoughts are not who you are. Clearly obviously, your thoughts are derived from a mind consciousness system inside you.

Now many questions has been asked, like “why can’t the systems just be taken out?” Because literally if we take them out your entire physical human body at this moment would collapse entirely because you have infused yourself as that system to such an extent that if we just take it out you’d be out, in other words you would die.
And also because it is your process and all human beings are in this process together and not only you but the dimensional beings as well, in other words what I am speaking here as in terms of the practical application that is required, we are applying it as you as well. We are not just standing back saying “okay do this, do that” you know, I am in you. And so, realized that we are to give ourselves up completely and become you as you and walk this thing with you completely. So it is very interesting and fun.

So getting back to thoughts, let’s start with thoughts. You are aware of what you think, really, if you sit in the evening and look at your day from the morning you will notice moments in the experience of the day that you had thoughts and what exactly you did experience inside your self. So my suggestion would be to go through your day and be aware of your thoughts and your emotions, and feelings and in the evening sit in your bed and write.
So when you write, go through your day and pick out specific moments that stand out. Moments that you specifically remember where you had a thought that brought up emotions and or feelings. I guarantee you will remember them because in essence you are actually aware the entire day it is just that beings do not admit that to themselves and they actually don’t want to. So you will remember specific moments. That would be my first suggestion.

What you do is you look at the thoughts you had in that moment, look at what you experienced in that moment and then you apply forgiveness. But this forgiveness has to be applied extremely specifically!…It is like you capture a moment like you are taking a photograph of it, of the experience you had during the day. So you take that moment and you actually capture it and as you sit in your bed in the evenings because you actually remember it, you will remember I guarantee it. And then you have to apply forgiveness at every point. You apply forgiveness to the thought you had, you have to apply forgiveness to whatever you experience according the emotions and feeling you had inside of you. You have to forgive the person or the event that occurred in that moment and then you also have to forgive yourself as you did not stand up in that moment and actually apply forgiveness in that moment.
And so you continue. And I am writing about this to become more specific… exactly ...exactly... how specific you have to do forgiveness because if you even miss one point on that moment that you have experienced it will remain because that point still exists inside you as a memory that you are holding on too that you are using to define yourself by.
Then you also will be able to become more aware during your day. What is awareness? I am making you aware at this moment by saying to you what are thoughts what emotions are and what are feelings now you are aware of it. Now in that awareness you have to apply that awareness in terms of when you see a thought that is coming up forgive it because it doesn’t’ matter what that thought is about, it doesn’t matter whether it is good or bad, both you have to forgive because it is a thought, a thought is a thought and a thought is not who you are it is a mind consciousness system development. And then you will also get to the stage where you kind of see thoughts coming but you won’t have any reactions to the thoughts.

And oh…you also have to remember if you do have a reaction to the thought which will also be a process because it kind of happens you know you will have a thought and you go to guilt and then you go into fear and then, don’t worry just forgive that guilt, just forgive that fear of that you had that thought and then forgive the thought as well. But soon you will realize that you see these thoughts floating around and you will have no reaction. You see like these little picture things going around. All you do is delete it stop it, just stop.
Participation in thoughts is a very interesting thing because thoughts bring fourth a curiosity you know, you kind of see a thought coming up and you just kind of want to follow it because it seems so interesting and you start to go oh there you go and you tend to let it take you away with it. So be careful of those moments because it kind of lifts you out (up?) like a complete dimensional shift, you kind of shift out for a moment and then you are out there in your mind somewhere and something brings you back and you oh my god I am here.
Now do that for yourself, when you see a thought coming stop it immediately. It is like an addiction. It is like an addiction, you will experience it like an addiction, you will want to follow that thought I have to follow that thought, I have to find out what that thought is about it must be important. Well it is not important. If you are not present not breathing and all that exists is you in this space where you in this world in the moment, problem. Then you are in your mind, you are somewhere there and you’re again feeding this whole mind consciousness system inside you.

So stop all thoughts please, they are not important. And as an experiment for yourself what I suggest you do if you want to, follow your thoughts, and do it in the evening when you are in your bed. Follow your thoughts and you will notice an interesting thing, your thoughts always take you to the exact same place. It is one thought going from one place to another. So try that, and also the experience you have when watching your thoughts observe your thoughts. So for a moment try that, just for yourself so you can see that thoughts take you to the exact same point always and it is very limited and you always have the same exact thoughts.
You will also come to know that. That all thoughts are exactly the same.

Okay this is Veno.
Thank you.
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