04 March 2008


an example of the subliminal messages found in an adult movie...

I am really making a big thing out of this subliminal stuff - in particular because I am a mom and worried about the effect on my child and all the other children of this world. They have no defense, but are stuffed with subliminals on tv, movies, magazines. And the advertisement, commercials on tv... I have been 'protecting' my son as much as I could for the messages of the commercials by questioning outloud what they wanted you to think, want, desire and talking with Dj about that. And now I see him doing it for himself. So that's nice. But it wont keep him safe from all this subliminal stuff. Sometimes I wished I could keep the world away from him :) That's the parent design, I know.

Then again I know I can do but one thing: stop participating in the mind. But how can I keep my son safe? Although a kid, he is of the mind too. Ok, I can assist and support him in showing and making him see what the mind is and how it works. He is not really coöperative, so I must be doing something wrong here. Maybe coming on too strong. He tells me I don't know everything, that I could be wrong and yes, of course, I could be.

So the answer is: I must live this and he will experience me - just like with the commercials, I acted from within, for years now, not willing to allow these commercials to direct me in buying or believing stuff. I am not free of the influence of commercials, subliminals or all these make belief things I am told, suggested over the years, I am aware of that. Very often I ask myself, seeing that I take things for real, that everyone is taking for real, 'is this true? ' I used to read Science Fiction books, alot, and they have helped me with picturing another world, anther beliefs etc and so 'loosen up' my attachments to this 'reality'. I really like the Desteni approach - all you can touch is reality. Helps me a great deal in not going into this 'white light stuff unreality'.

So what was I talking about again -  ah, subliminals.

Was reading on the internet yesterday and found some shocking articles and proofs of subliminals used on Dutch and Belgium tv. Probably 30originated from the USA - on childrens tv: Walt Disney, on adult tv erotic episodes also from USA. But not all are 'foreign' - there is some Dutch fabrication too. This evidence is from 2000 and 2004, no further investigation has taken place, nor by worried citizens, nor by the broadcasting companies (although they were shocked), nor by the government (as far as I know) Now I am wondering, if we should gather evidence that this is happening here (or some other country) couldn't we go to court with it? I know for sure subliminal messages are forbidden in many countries.

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just 3 out of many stills taken from the Walt Disney Kidsfestival, broadcasted by Ketnet, a Belgium Childrens net.

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