20 May 2008

The biter and the bitten

See the snake and its secret
it is the biter and the bitten
a polarity that play out for eternity--equal and one--the biter becomes the bitten and the bitten becomes the biter and in this all gets BITTER
now--the thing that makes the mind zing
if you are neither the biter or the bitten this life--by virtue of allowing such cycle to exist--you are locked into the eternal cycle of life--to become equal and one both the biter and the bitten because you allowed it in another --who is really allowing it to exist in you
this is what must be stopped--because this is how our bitterness became demons as ourselves and how we manifested a mind to manage and forget--because we were trapped in this cycle--unable to give up the good times when it arrives and unwilling to see how we participate and create both the biter and the bitten--this is why self forgiveness in all ways is necessary--to have one point where we are all equal and one in understanding and self honesty to make sure we do not deceive ourselves through pretense == because no matter who we deceive--see--it is ALWAYS ONLY OURSELVES
thus no deception but self deception is ever possible--therefore I have never held any deception against another--but simply stop it in me--and do what must be done to stop me as both the biter and the bitten--in this--the snake will become extinct--because there is no point for me as the snake as a cycle--because by being a snake--I allow the rat to exist to feed the snake--and the poison to exist to defend me as the snake
there is insight here for those that see

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