08 May 2008

Common Sense

System common sense – abiding by the rules and ways of the system as accepted by the being
Self honest common sense – stopping personal participation in all systems that violates life as equal and one for all to end the proliferation of the abuse by definition of the living word
System common sense – is to define reality in a way that self is protected in a bubble of security while thousands die every day
Self honest common sense – is the realization that one must change your own life and step outside the bubble, that you cannot blow the bubble into another form to try and keep your protective self interest validated

Please share your insights and observations, about what is self honest common sense and what is system common sense – that this point may be practically clarified and purified.
Understand that if one is not actually practically self honestly changing your world into self honest common sense for all life – words flowing from self will justify system common sense and no change will happen
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