30 May 2008

Compassion & Empathy

How do I have compassion and empathy without thoughts feelings and emotions?

It's interesting that human beings experience compassion and empathy towards such being's experiences within this world. The compassion and empathy 'felt', of the mind, to which they define themselves to be able to justify why they're not standing up and actually living the solution to as and for this world - because in accepting and allowing self to 'feel' compassion and empathy from the mind towards something or someone, beings then apparently 'care' and is a 'good person within' - yet, not doing anything practically within and as self to live as the solution to what has been done within and as this world = which is our responsibility.
Therefore, it is not about 'feeling' compassion and empathy towards something/someone, as this is separation and within this you're actually supporting the being's situation/experience as that which you're feeling compassion and empathy towards.
Because what you're actually doing within you is making a statement of fear - hoping that you don't ever have to experience this, and then 'hide your fear behind' the feeling of 'compassion' and 'empathy' of mind.
Therefore, as I have stated - it is not about 'feeling' compassion and empathy towards something/someone, but to when you see such abuse being accepted and allowed, to stand up within self realisation as you and live the statement: Till here no further - and stop the accepted and allowed abuse within you, yourself. Because abuse within this world exists, because we're accepting/allowing self abuse within and as ourselves.
I'd suggest then also, within this - observing how you've defined you according to having to 'feel' empathy and compassion - 'thinking'/believing that if you don't 'feel' empathy/compassion - you don't exist.

What is compassion within and as oneness and equality as life:
The living statement of self that you will not give up on you as all as one as equal - but do whatever it takes, risk everything - to ensure that all of you as all and everything that exists is here as life as all as one as equal - and not accepting/allowing anything less than who you really are here in every moment of breath = and so also within another as you.
I understand that the living statement of compassion seems 'way out there' - though you're able to start living compassion for you, yourself practically as it always starts within and as self, and self realise you as compassion, by not accepting and allowing anything less than who you really are in every moment of breath - meaning, self love = to not accept/allow the mind of thoughts/feelings/emotions to dictate to you who you are - you give you the opportunity to live you here self honestly
For how can you know what compassion really is - if you haven't yet lived compassion as the living statement of and as you in self honesty here...
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