27 July 2008

Chat with Anu 1&2

So, this is Anu, and I’m here to speak about me, about my creation - and this will be the first interview that I will be doing.
Well, I can’t say that I’m particularly disappointed in anything that I have done or created - kind of, to a certain degree, turned out exactly how I wanted it to. So, as many understand, my intent within creation and existence was to have it all for myself, to kind of integrate myself in and as and with everything, to own it, and that experience of holding existence in the palm of your hand - and I did, you know, to a certain degree, the whole ‘being the ‘god’ of it all’.
Well, the concept of having power and control of everything and all that exists is quite an exhilarating mission. But, I suppose I can say that I had something that not many had inside themselves, and that is: the resolve to actually do it - because what I found is that everyone wants that, that experience of power and control of everything. But, see, beings would believe inside themselves that it could not or would not be possible: ‘How can one being do or be that?’
So, I started as quite a young being, and it was like an addiction that developed - to want to have it all, to be it all - it was like such an overwhelming experience to be able to manipulate someone, to have them do exactly what you want them to do. Then, when you realize that you have that power, you kind of develop it inside yourself as yourself with yourself. So, when I was young, I used to play with manipulation and getting beings to do what I want them to do without them knowing it - them ‘thinking that it was their initiative to do what I actually said to them to do’ type ideal. It seems insignificant - but, when you become a master of manipulation, it is fascinating. You guys on Earth call it, now, “hypnosis” - but, you do it through a technique. I actually became the very manifestation of manipulating within self awareness, consciously manipulating, without the being knowing that I’m manipulating them and then doing what I want them to do, without them knowing that they’re actually doing what I want them to do, but them thinking that they were using their own initiative.
So, I always worked alone, from a certain perspective, I trusted no one. Well, ok, sometimes I did, because I kind of had to - because something like this that I created, you can’t do alone, you need people to - or beings, so to speak - help you attain… and that was difficult as well, you know, because I wanted it all for myself. I wanted to be within and as all of existence and everything, my own creation, all beings - I wanted to be in control of them, I wanted to manipulate them, I wanted to fuck with them, without them knowing it.
Where was I… Where was I? Something about a point of…oh, yes…oh, yes…the trust point…
I needed to trust beings - but at the same time, not have them know what exactly it is I was doing. That’s the point that was difficult…I was at the point that was difficult…that point is difficult. Eventually, I had Enki and Enlil and Marduk and some other races - I said to them: ‘Look, this is what I want / this is what I want to do. Are you in, or are you out? I’ll give you this / I’ll give you that.’
I’ve got two minutes. I’m kind of just giving an intro here, so that you can become accustomed to my nature. I like to fuck with beings, a lot, because it’s so easy. Fascinating, because beings think that what exists in this creation, like I created from ‘the new’ - but, actually, what exists has always been here. I've only used what has always been here, and kind of ‘spruced it up a bit’. I got to know creation and existence inside out. Before I started, I understood the language, I understood the primary foundation of which beings exist of, of which existence existed, and then I just used that - because if you understand what exists and how it exists - exactly, precisely - you can use it to your own advantage…and I did.
Ok, I must go. I will chat again.

Chat with Anu 2 – 19 july 08
This is Anu continuing my previous interview that I did yesterday. So I kind of gave an overview of my experience within existence and toward existence in the purpose I gave to myself to exist and that I basically investigated and explored the means and ways within which existence and beings exist and experience themselves and how I could use that against themselves towards my own benefit. I’d no particular skills in design or creation, I had the knowledge much knowledge, much understanding, much insight into how existence operated, how beings operated and I found an interesting essence within beings that existed within it all and that was the desire to serve, fascinating. That's the only way how manipulation can operate, and if a being desires to serve because in the very desire to serve you say I will be anyone and anything slave, so I’d say that I was nearly answering beings’ call with the very specific tactic manipulation. Manipulation is quite easy you just have to know the being in and out you know their weak points, their strong points, their desires, their fears, their entire opinion about themselves, then it looks like the strings that come out of them towards you and you grasp them and you play the being like a puppet on the string. I enjoyed deriving pleasure from punishment, punishing beings that was quite an interesting exhilarating force inside yourself when you punish someone when you even destroy them, specially planets and races that power, power is beautiful and I can just experience it right now, the interesting thing about power is humans need it, want it, desire it and you'll do anything and everything it takes to only have that experience in that position where beings fear you, because if beings fear you then you have them in the palm of your hand and you can mold them, shape them and do with them whatever you want. So it's like shameness with this world at the moment, you are already shaped and molded and conditioned by those who I trained to do my finishing touches in this reality in this world, you're so far behind what's really going on, so far behind aeons of time behind the ones that stand in this reality this world as my loyal servants of time, and that stood the test of time, because I will stand the test of time and as my creation stand the test of time, it's how it is at the moment that's why I am quite calm to be honest, there's no threat yet, because beings are so daft in their believes that they apparently more or greater in some enlightened way, I designed enlightenment and together with some other races, enlightenment is the deception to make you believe that you are more than you already are its traps you infinitely into cycles of hope and love, another example of the daftness of beings in believing in the concepts such as love and the design such as love, I’ll continue with love in my next interview, suppose you won't even bother to hear because you're already so fucked by it, thank you this is me going.

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