29 July 2008

Memory and it's Function in the Mind to recycle relationship

This is memory.
The mind consciousness system is designed and developed to assimilate frequencies. for example: I will be using the experience of 2 human beings entering a relationship and then ending the relationship - wich is a cycle, which would be a manifestation of an example of "a moment memory". From the perspective of the unified consciousness field.
Now - the being enters the relationship. Now in the entering of the relationship the frequency of the being according to the experience of themselves highten quight extensivly.
Now, within the hightening of the beings frequency within the fysical human body according to the mind consciousness system design - The mind consciousness system will now take the frequency spikes - exactly see where each frequency spike connects to within this holographic manifested picture reality - And also what emotion and feeling in particular is connected to these specific frequency spikes that is taking place within this particular being.
And according to that, the mind will manifest an "assimilated" picture projection - and it will manifest within the mind consciousnes ssystem as a literal photographic picture placed form. That is "alive" in itself because the moment, understand, this frequency spike beings experience when entering a relationship is a very definitive event that takes place - and all of the frequency spikes and the whole experience is already to a certain digree pre-programmed and designed within the human beings life experience,
and because the pre-programmed design, the mind will automaticly do the assimilation of particular memorial experience this being is going through as this particular event taking place of entering the relationship.
Now, thats an example of 1 memory manifestation taking place . Now an actual reality memory manifestation - as a "moment memory" within the unified consciousness field, from the unified consciousness field perspective - takes place when and within the whole "cycle" of the relationship where the being will enter an event as the relationship, and then at the end of the relationship end the event wich also has specific frequency spikes and sparks going on within the human being - within the mind consciousness system within the human physical body.
Now, from the begining to the end of that cycle - as the experience of the relationship that goes from beginning to end. When the mind assimilates and saves that particular one memory as I described in the beginning of the video - it will now look for the "opposit", now wait for the opposit of that frequency spark that took place in the beginning wich would be hightened frequency spark to a very very low frequency vibration level take place.
So - from the hightened frequency vibration spark to the lower frequency vibration spark. And then once it meets its opposit it draws a literal circle of this event that this human being has experienced - now the mind draws a literal circle, meaning : it takes that assimilated memory picture in the beginning as I explained, and also does the exact same at the end where the break up event takes place - assimilates the whole event, takes the picture manifested in the mind, stored as memory - but then because these two are now opposit - wich is the beginning and the end of a cycle, the mind will draw a circle and connect the beginning and the end .And in this connection, all the other events and experiences that had taken place - all the other memories that have been saved due to all the manifested events that have taken place within the being and within the reality - the mind will assimilate a moment reality experience within and as the being, and the mind will literaly constantly and continuously replay this experience the being had within and ass the physical here.
Because the mind will now use that event that had taken place to design the human beings "future" within and as their reality. So the mind has a "storage backup creative" database within wich to now again connect itself to another human being to start this cycle again - and that is how memory operate and that is how memory work. The mind utilise memory to be able to function and exist within this reality according to the information it had saved and asimilated within itself.
Alright - thank you very much, this is memory.

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