08 July 2008

no such thing as 'deepest level'


‹Alice B.› There no such thing as deepest level Terri - points will always come up within you in some form or another and from here you have to investigate who you are within it = if nothing comes up Terri, for instance where you are within your process atm, you're suppressing

‹Alice B.› The mind has leves yes Terri - but you as all and everything of you is here = so you don't exist in levels, defining you according to levels is limitation and accepted enslavement/separation

‹Terri› So there is always process to do . Always.

‹Alice B.› Until all is done yes Terri

‹Alice B.› so it is with all - we walk until this is done - Terri, you have only taken on the conscious mind within you - you have not yet gone through the subconscious and unconscious mind within and as you with regards to self forgiveness/practical application in self honesty - you're still only busy transcending the conscious mind

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