02 July 2008

Dj resisting

‹Ingrid› Bernard, Dj is so much resisting all of Desteni, weirdo's we are - what am I not doing well?

‹Bernard›ingrid--do not force--just be you--he is already in the matrix and must go through the stages--there is little you can do but lead by example
desteni as it is now is not for children--that part will come

‹Ingrid› but kids like Dj are going to experience the big mess we're in these years

‹Bernard› yes ingrid--and the moment will arrive where you may assist--but to prepare not possible--he knows why he is here==let him find his way for now

‹kimamourette› why do you want him to like it ingrid?

it's not that I want him to like desteni, Kim, but I surely would like for him to do sf, because he still is often 'not well' and hearing voices and seeing monsters. He tells me he doesn't believe in sf or desteni and I can't force him, wouldn't be effective
So I'll do my part of sf for/as him.

I'm glad I asked B about it on chat - I feel relieved. I was pushing/forcing Dj/me. Out of fear, yes, I would like him to be prepared, otherwise I would have failed as 'the adult', as the 'loving, responsible mom' etc. Yes, I see the trap I was in. Thanx.
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