29 July 2008


There exist 22 000 purposes within the primary construct design of menstruation.
Each purpose connected to another manifesting the constructed physical experience and design of menstruation.
The 22 000 purposes connected together within relationship to each other – manifest the physical design of the female human physical body in relation to the ovaries / reproductive organs.
The number “22” specific within this, because the woman, through menstruation – within the very existence of menstruation and the experience of a woman within it, meaning her experience during the menstruation cycle – indicate slavery of self within and as the female human physical body to a master as the very constructed design and experience within and of menstruation within a woman’s physical design.
Therefore, a woman – within the existence of menstruation and the experience that go with it – which is any change that takes place within the experience of self during menstruation, either through pain / emotional-feeling instability etc. – any accepted and allowed change – indicate the being as woman-defined within menstruation = is accepting and allowing the enslavement of ‘pain’ / ‘suffering’.
The accepted and allowed enslavement of and to ‘pain’ / ‘suffering’ is due to woman’s primary definition of themselves within this reality – due to the very existence of the experience and design of the menstruation cycles that takes place – as woman have defined ‘being a woman’ according to the very design as ‘pain and suffering’ and within this accepted and allowed definition = manifested accordingly ‘who they accept and allow themselves to be as ‘who they are’ = physically, as indicated through menstruation and the experience of the woman therein.
Menstruation ‘serves its purpose well’ = its purpose is they very reason for its existence, to give the manifested experience of ‘pain and suffering’ according to a woman’s acceptance and allowance of ‘who she defined herself to be’ according to ‘pain and suffering’.
Pain and suffering = the belief of self according to ‘being a slave’.
Only slaves exist within pain and suffering, because they believe themselves to be ‘victim to’ some form of power greater than themselves – and have no resolve to stand up independently, but merely accept and allow the continuation of accepted and allowed pain and suffering.
Thus, within this – the 22 000 purposes which form the manifested physical design and experience of menstruation within and as the female physical presentation – is that which we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be enslaved to – to be the slave of – existing within pain and suffering towards that, because of the belief that it has ‘power over us’ and we’re victim to it.
Understand males, you’re not excluded from this – females are but the ‘carriers’ so to speak of this manifested construct of accepted and allowed enslavement – as being a ‘slave defined’ within the accepted and allowed experience of ‘pain and suffering’ = manifested as menstruation.
Why are fe-males referred to as females – fe, means ‘before’, so the female human physical design, was created ‘before’ the male human physical design – you the being within and as either a male/female human physical body design, is not defined according to the physical.
Another indication point of why Anu for example is ‘so certain’ that beings within this reality ‘will not transcend’ – because males will not take the manifested experience of menstruation a woman endure/experience into consideration because the male does not experience this = it only exist within the female human physical body design.
So understand males – the female physical body design according to the manifestation and experience of the menstruation construct/design is the ‘carrier of the key to what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be slaves to/towards’ – that which we have accepted and allowed to enslave us.
Mens-tru-ate = man’s true hate, why man’s true hate, because a slave will be filled with anger towards self because self knows what self is accepting and allowing, but not accepting and allowing self to stand up and stop the accepted and allowed definition of self according to enslavement / being a slave = and this incorporate both males and females
Understand the word ‘male’ – originate from ‘the malice of enki’ as he designed the primary form of the physical – to, as he described in his video interview, fulfill his desire of experiencing the ‘torture’ being’s endure within manifested experience as their beingness/nature is ‘ripped to the core’ by what he designed.
What Enki in manifested formed expression reveal to each one as he is a manifested formed expression as a ‘part of each one’ = is how we have for eons of time defined ‘who we are’ according to pain, suffering and torture – revealed within the very experience of ourselves within and as this world.
If one blame any one of the ‘designers’ of creation = this is self dishonesty, because you can only be a designer or creator through using/utilizing what is already existent here within existence – what I understand within the ‘purpose’ of Enki, Anu, Marduk and Enlil – is that they as me, as parts of me = have created and designed an existence as a manifested physical experience – to reveal the manifested ‘truth’ of ‘who we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be as ‘who we are’ within an actual physical experience.
So, we’ll either take self responsibility and stand up within the accepted and allowed enslavement as ‘who we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become according to ‘who we have defined ourselves to be’ as reflected within this physical manifested existence/world/reality and our experience within it OR we’ll continue accepting and allowing ourselves to be slaved to our own definition of ourselves of / as ‘who we have defined ourselves to be’.
No-one can enslave another = you can only enslave yourself.
Therefore within the manifested design and experience of menstruation – and this I suggest both males and females investigate within themselves – exist what each one has accepted and allowed themselves to be a slave to, meaning what exist within you and your world within which you have the belief that that something/someone has ‘power over/of you’ and you’re the apparent victim as slave to it – accepting and allowing you to exist within limitation and constriction = to not stand up in every moment and live self honestly.
Understand that the manifested design and experience of menstruation as the 22 000 points of which and as which it consists of, took ‘time’ to be manifested and created – the 22 000 points connected in relationship to each other – are merely points that existed within beings eons of time ago, - used and ‘strung together’ in a manifested form as the design of menstruation and the experience thereof.
Thus, we have to ‘walk back in time’ to identify and find each point and the accepted and allowed reason for its existence, what reason/purpose did we give each point of accepted and allowed enslavement to/towards someone/something = to be able to exist?
Understand that within the compression of process, most of the 22 000 points will be transcended through experiences/realizations as you walk within your process, though you are able to compress your own process – by identifying the points within you and your world, you believe have power over you and you’re an apparent slave to / towards it.
Don’t accept/allow the number/amount to discourage you – be a ‘master of your own accepted and allowed enslavement’ – meaning, master the courage to stand in self honesty and not accept/allow enslavement to be the master/power of you.
Marilyn M.

So, with regards to for example – where ‘females’ was designed and created first in relation to the female human physical body design and creation, is an indication of an interesting point to consider: Everything’s in reverse = and not what / how it seems.
So females have defined themselves as being ‘submissive’ towards the ‘males’ who proclaimed dominance as expressed within the age-old tale presented in the story of the ‘Bible’ where ‘Adam’ was apparently placed before Eve = such a belief injected into and as this reality to promote enslavement within the separated nature of the physical design of males and females – because a male is male manifested in a male human physical body design, he’s dominant, because a female is female manifested in a female physical body design, she’s submissive.
And even if you do / don’t believe in the tales of the Bible and the story of Adam and Eve – when a male and female here of this, subconsciously, the males’ ego of dominance is spruced up together with resentment and anger towards the female, because of the story of Adam and Eve depicted as Eve ‘deceiving’ Adam with the ‘forbidden fruit’ and the female’s submission to slavery is boosted as she subconsciously goes into guilt and shame and believe that she must ‘pay her debt’ to ‘man’ / ‘males’ and exist in apparent ‘due deserved’ pain and suffering as within child birth/menstruation pains.
All of this – ‘locked into’ the tale within the Bible as the story of Adam and Eve, so males and females, I’d suggest investigating your experience towards the story of Adam and Eve as depicted within the tales of the Bible – apply self forgiveness unconditionally to ensure you don’t define you according to the presentation of Adam/Eve within the Bible – as such constructs exist within and as your subconscious mind and will assist and support you also within the ‘menstruation point’ (both males and females as explained) with regards to ‘what you have accepted and allowed you to be enslaved to/towards – manifesting you within an experience of slavery as being a ‘slave’.
The Adam-Eve point here is an example of accepted and allowed enslavement to a story depicted in a book – which subconsciously influence your definition of you according to being manifested within and as a male or female human physical body.
Also take into consideration not to define you according to being male/female – the definition of being male/female is merely existent within a human physical body design and if you accept/allow you to be enslaved to the definition of yourself within being a male/female according to a human physical body design – you are accepting and allowing enslavement within this, by being enslaved to an design = limited to a definition of yourself.
Within this all – don’t take what is presented within this world for granted – meaning the principle of ‘everything’s in reverse’ will assist and support you to ‘see clearly’ the ‘real reality’ ‘behind it all as presented in this world’ – to not look smack bang into the reflection itself, but see what the reflection as this reality is reflecting towards you, yourself.
Marilyn M.

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