29 July 2008

The Design of the Marriage Unified Field to Lock-In Slaves

This is The Design of Marriage Field, communicating about the 'marriage field'. Now, I as the 'marriage field' derived from the unified consciousness field -- generated, existed, manifested, designed, and created through the connection and interconnectedness of all human beings' minds through the unconscious mind.
What is 'marriage'? 'Marriage' exists to lock-in human beings as a certain slave, as a certain limited placement within and as this existence. For instance, what goes into a 'relationship' is not two beings -- what goes into a 'relationship' is two minds, two minds locking into a 'relationship' together, feeding off each other the whole time, and the 'relationship' will only last so long as the energy of the two minds is able to last, and then it starts 'running out' over time. And then, apparently, one day the two say “I don't love you anymore”, “my love energy of the mind has run out, unfortunately”, “oh, no, I feel the same way”, “I'm empty now, my love energy has run out”, “I don't love you anymore either”, “ok, lets go find someone else again”. Then, the two split, and then they go and find someone else.
Now, the mind within and as human beings - the mind consciousness system - doesn't like being alone, it needs to be in a 'relationship', it wants to be in a 'relationship'. Because when two human beings are in a 'relationship', their minds are able to really regenerate and recharge themselves, and rejuvenate themselves - through none other than sex. So, sex is like the mind consciousness systems' 'elixir of life' - it cannot live without sex, it needs sex, it wants sex, and it has to have sex. So, what is 'marriage' then? 'Marriage' is the ultimate, absolute, great 'relationship lock-in of two mind consciousness systems within this world'.
So, what is 'marriage' - why does 'marriage' exist? 'Marriage' is the stabilization of the rest of humanity who are not yet 'married', who are still in 'unstable relationships'. Have a look, I'm certain (very certain) many human beings have had the experience with another human being where you're together, then you're apart, then you're together, then you're apart, then you're together, then you're apart. And you seem like you can't 'make up your mind' --- like “why the hell is this happening, I don't understand this” --- but you 'can't help yourself', you're together, apart, together, apart. Well, what is causing this is human beings that are in 'marriage' situations. Because, if human beings weren't in 'marriage lock-ins', stabilizing other 'relationships' within this world that are not yet in 'marriage lock-ins', these human beings that go into 'relationships', go out of 'relationships', go in, go out, go in, go out, wouldn't have done this the whole time - but what would've happened is they would have just said “its done”, walk our own path, go and find another one, in, out again, go and find another one, and would have continued like that and never would have 'married'.
Why is it setup this way? Why are there human beings that get 'married', and why are there human beings that go in and out and in and out of 'relationships' continuously and inevitably later maybe possibly 'giving up' and then continuing into another 'relationship' and then do the whole 'tennis ball game' again? Because it generates emotions and feelings and sexual energy for the mind -- because not all married couples have got a great “sex life”, actually a pretty shit one, terrible, horrible...because, you know, the children are being born as the new mind consciousness systems to recharge and regenerate the unified consciousness field of the world to be able to have new life essence - because that's why marriages have to exist, you know, for children to be born. Because they need a 'stable lock-in relationship' - which is called “marriage” - so that the children can be born, so that life essence can be swooped up from the children, spread into the unconscious mind of all of humanity, and charge the consciousness unified field.
So, you've got the “marriage couple”, which is the stability foundation for the children being born in this world, for the new pure life essence for the mind consciousness systems to use within and as this world to charge the unified consciousness field - and the human beings that go in and out and in and out and in and out of 'relationships' and always search for a 'relationship' with another human being, continuously stuck in a loop of the 'rebound system', so that they're able to charge the unified consciousness field as they continuously go from partner to partner, or stay in the same 'relationship' always in and out and in and out and in and out, charging the unified consciousness field with 'sexual energy' and, of course, the conflict and inner battle that goes with 'relationships'.
This is me, the 'marriage field' that exists within and of the unified consciousness field, and that's why I exist.
So, not all human beings will get 'married' - they can't, they're stuck, they're mind consciousness system as what they believe and perceive themselves to be is programmed in such a way that they'll always go in and out and in and out of 'relationship' and never be satisfied because they 'can't help it', because that's how they've been designed. And that's why the 'married couple' is there stable, so that they're able to go in and out and in and out of 'relationship', always searching for “the one” or just a 'relationship' to experience themselves with.
Thus, human beings, if you are currently 'married' or in such 'relationship' scenarios - the only solution there always is, is stop the mind, do not be of the mind, start stabilizing yourself, start asking yourself the question in terms of “why am I here...why am I in this 'relationship'”. You have to start questioning yourself, you have to start questioning your own reality, you have to start getting that point of strength and stability and statement of self when nothing can influence you or move you within you, where you stand no matter what. The married couples, about 99% of married couples will divorce within this world, if not all, because human beings who are in 'relationships' now are in 'relationships' with human beings they aren't supposed to be. Much change.
Thank you very much, this is the Marriage Field.

This video can be located here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Hxf-v42FZ5o
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