07 July 2008

Food shortage

april 16th 2008

B. - The food shortage is engineered and the people with good jobs linked to governments and corporations will not suffer--as they are those that keep the enslavement in place --in the name of the system
The reason for the engineered shortage is to reduce world population without nuclear war--thus nuclear war for a moment postponed
other methods used will be the with holding--through scarcity and price--vital medicines
the creation of floods and droughts through weather manipulation
the contamination of water resources
the destruction of ocean resources
continuous wars
TB will not be contained but will be allowed to run amok
Political instabilities leading to violence
the idea that choice exist as protest about conditions in the world the controllers have no intentions of changing
Understand that the world elite have no respect for humans and class them as animals--programmed irrational blobs of meat with no common sense ability--because they see humans as things that will always follow survival--at all cost
through the creation of conspiracy perceptions--the once with some brains are contained in and ever increasing loop--never finding the truth--because the starting point is fucked
whom so ever control the starting point--controls humanity
as the starting point is the hub/axle of the "wheel of life"

I'd rather take the nuclear war..quick obliviance is easier than prolonged pain.

B. - A nuclear war will cause the process of oneness and equality to be prolonged--as we will have to return to undo our allowed handy work

so is this a statement of what's going to happen? or a possibility?

B. - It is already happening

B. - Process is determined by all participants equal and one--and we will experience what we allow

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