08 July 2008

self forgiveness = self expression

If you 'use' self forgiveness as in for instance 'using justification' to validate an accepted and allowed act of deliberancy in a moment - self forgiveness become as an act of justification - using self forgiveness to validate your own mind-defined existence within enlightened self interest by doing self forgiveness to 'protect an idea/definition' of yourself.
Doing self forgiveness as an act of justification is when you for example do self forgiveness to attain/achieve a specific desired outcome within you and your world - 'I am doing self forgiveness BECAUSE OF this' / 'I am doing self forgiveness TO EXPERIENCE THIS/THAT' / 'I am doing self forgiveness BECAUSE I WANT TO HAVE THIS/THAT' - the 'because of' / 'want to' is justification/reason - in doing self forgiveness for a reason, you're reasoning with yourself, which is justifying why you're 'doing something' = this is reasoning, reasoning is when you're justifying to yourself why you're doing something
Herein self forgiveness is not self expression = but justification, justifying who/how you are of mind through using self forgiveness / abusing you within self forgiveness
Self forgiveness is not a doing - meaning self forgiveness is not to be 'used for something' - as doing self forgiveness in using self forigveness for something is using self forgiveness to attain some form of enlightened self interest somewhere out there projected into the future
It is to BE SELF forgiveness in SELF EXPRESSION = I am self forgiveness, giving me to me within expressing me as self forgiveness and in this for GET - meaning to absolutely release what I have accepted and allowed that no memory exist within me anymore, because I realise that I am all that I have been = yet it is not 'who I am', all that I have been / done no more defines me - yet it's still here within and as me
Self forgiveness is a beingness / an self expression - I self forgive - within which you unconditionally present you (as a gift to yourself) the freedom from what/who you have been and done within accepted and allowed acts of deliberancy and enlightened self interest validated through justification and you immediately in the moment 'change' and stand up and don't look back = but live here in freedom of self expressed spontaneity
It's I self forgive = not I forgive myself because of/to do this/that or I forgive myself to experience/be this/that
Steve Irwin

Justification is the ACCEPTANCE of less than self in all forms and ways and being OK with such acceptance and then comes deliberate dishonest justifications--that is to make the justification Sound right with REASONS

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