28 July 2008

A Chat with Marduk

This is Marduk, and I am here, supposed to talk about me. I’ve never liked talking, I’ve never enjoyed sharing - I prefer doing my own thing, being by myself.
I did have an interest that became the reason and purpose for my existence as Marduk. I particularly found that which was perceived to be ‘irrelevant’ and ‘worthless’ and ‘not important’, and transform it into the most needed, most required product for anything or anyone to be able to make their existence and experience of themselves more substantial.
I perceived everything and everyone in existence to be dead - including myself, because I never experienced anything inside myself; I was always empty, quiet, still - there was just nothing. And, so, I’d started taking things from where I originally originated from, and make them come alive - and I was good at it. I communicated with then-forefathers of our race, of many other races - they were referred to as ‘The Ancient’ - in your language and interpretation, refer to them as ‘The Ancient’. And, I developed the ability to bring that which was taken for granted and not considered, to life. So, I started playing with creating.
So, the primary behavior or function of the human physical body was created and designed by me, and it consists of, like, ‘strips’ of my planet from which I came, which I produced. These strips’ primary structure / primary design consisted of and existed as symbols - which, later, changed and transformed into numbers. Numbers are actually symbols, which I created, which I designed, which I drew, which I gave meaning to - and I brought them to life, through birthing them, in merging them with strips that I had taken from my planet. Then - before Earth, before any of this happened - planets were alive, they were aware…but we were not.
I am greatly saddened, because I kind of now, and have for awhile seen what I had not taken into consideration, what I disregarded, which was right in front of me.
So, you, each human being, is actually but live symbols, that I wrote, that I designed, that I created, that I drew. I mean, I would draw any form, any sort of symbol that came up. I was quite creative in that way. I would just give it a meaning, give it an essence, which would be purpose. I would merge it with strips I had taken from my planet, and there I'd have a living creation.
Alright, I have been given the sign that the interview is almost done. Next interview, I'll continue in describing how the DNA within the physical body is the primary building-block of everything.

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