27 September 2008

Benazir Bhutto 5 - World Control

The ‘world operation’, directed designed and placed by Oduphulus Yulovsky collapsed and fell apart when two brothers of two of the three of Yulovsky’s lineages ‘removed’ Oduphulus accordingly from this world.

Oduphulus died when he was but 87 years of age.

The one specific brother from one of the three Yulovsky family lineages was to succeed him – but he perceived the man (Yulovsky) to be of ‘madness’ to not take the world into his own personal hands and ‘be God of earth’ / ‘God on earth’.

‘God’ – the definition thereof being: Having the Power to do one’s OWN will unto others.

What the brothers did not know, of which Yulovsky did not inform them: Is that he was not the actual ONE who directed and controlled the world – it was being done through him…by others.

But the brothers removed Oduphulus before he had the opportunity to actually inform and introduce the one specific brother as his son to succeed him as to how exactly this world is ‘operated’ by others through him…

In this – the one brother to succeed Oduphulus, was prepared by Oduphulus to initially ‘take his place’ in having the responsibility of ‘directing this world’ accordingly in the exact manner as Oduphulus – along with all the leaders of the world – as to maintain reasonable control within and amongst humanity of the world.

One is able to ‘imagine’ the certain degree of ‘trust’ placed within others to be able to maintain the world under reasonable controls. It is most certainly quite a task, it is most certainly quite a responsibility and it most certainly was accomplished – and thus the certainty that it WAS able to be done in such a way.

But as I have said:

As long as he maintained reasonable control within the countries and ‘the internal support structure’ between the leaders/directors of the countries are stable and in-tact as to prevent war / an attempt to world domination within which power and responsibility is abused: He was most satisfied.

Though – he did most certainly not expect that which he was preventing from occurring within this world: To originate from within his own family lineages…

The world leaders gathered only twice a year along with Oduphulus to communicate the current statuses and situations within each individual directors country – communicating about what each one face within their country and accordingly ‘work together’ in formulating solutions to certain specific situations /circumstances, and how countries between each other are specifically able to assist and support each other etc.

Oduphulus referred to the meetings held twice a year as: The World coming together as One.

Thus – Oduphulus had a specific personal relationship with each and every single director of each and every single individual country, and he had members within his own family appointed as ‘personal assistants’ to the individual directors of each and every single country to report back to him with personal detail of the movements, situation and circumstances within the individual countries.

And so the world operated…

Here, here is more ‘in-sight’ – meaning looking into – Oduphulus Yulovsky, before we continue with the ‘world operation’ as the current design in which the world operate as we ‘know it’ (or do not yet) in this moment and how he came to be in the position he was placed and why he had to be removed in such a way from this world by and within his own family:

Oduphulus Yulovsky was approached by a certain specific man – of which belonged to a ‘unit within the world’ now referred to as the ‘Elite’.

Understand that such men (The Elite) were within this world since the very beginning of civilization and were advanced, one generation before the other generation’s establishment within this world – as to ‘prepare the way before’ the rest of humanity in controlling the specific direction within which humanity ‘evolve’ as an ‘intelligence’ of and as a system designed within and of the human physical body.

No human being to this day – not one – actually knows who the Elite within this world really actually is, they are not seen and they are not heard as they ‘work through’ those that you see and those that you hear within this world currently…

Understand that you as a being – did not ‘evolve’, you as a design however: Have.

What I am stipulating with this is that the human physical body has ‘evolved’ in design, including the design of the ‘intelligence’ of the system designed of the human physical body has evolved: You as a being as who you are – has not yet even existed.

There were three men, each with one wife – who formed a family lineage. These three specific particular family lineages formed, developed and established themselves within this world since the very beginning of civilization: And still continue to exist to this day – here within this world.

They were ‘indoctrinated’ through and by the Annunaki as Anu who appeared to them as God – presenting his ‘sons’ as the ‘three men’ with the responsibility of preparing this world for him of which he may be proud of.

He gave his three sons the world within which to create and manifest his Kingdom.

Let’s first have a look at the term: ‘Since the beginning of civilization’:

This was when man as human physical form and design of intelligence as system was satisfactorily ‘in place’ for Anu’s preparation in beginning of the establishment of ‘his Kingdom’ on earth through three men which he referred to as ‘his sons’ to which he appeared to as ‘God’ to ‘lead the world’ according to ‘his (Anu) will’ and thus the world was their responsibility and the responsibility to be passed on from generation to generation – until this world and man within has ‘evolved into worthiness of the Kingdom of God himself’.

I refer to the word ‘God’ – though the word then had not yet existed.

It was Anu’s presence and as how he presented himself as ‘who he is’ that made one ‘so weak in the knees, that one ‘feel obliged to bow’ in worship of his ‘greatness and magnificence’ that illumes one within his presence.

Anu remained in ‘close contact’ with his three sons – they’re physiological anatomy was so designed (both the sons and their appointed wives, continuing throughout the generations) that they were to always only birth one daughter and one son and this particular one daughter and one son of each ‘mother and father’ would intermarry within the three family lineages and so it will remain and so it was done and so it still remains.

The son of each ‘family’ born first and then the daughter of each family to be born secondly.

Understand that each and every event that has taken place within this world – that has ‘made a name in history’, in ‘changing the course of humanity’: Are specifically orchestrated events given permission to be carried out through the three sons who always first consulted Anu.

All such ‘events’ within the world, throughout the ‘course of history’ were all specifically designed and orchestrated as ‘part of’ the ‘evolution of man’ to where we are in this moment within this world within and throughout millions of years.

Thus – interdimensional beings, together with Anu’s ‘man designed family lineage of earth’ as his three ‘initial first sons’ were all ‘involved’ within the design of ‘how the world currently operate today, in this moment here’, including ‘who and what man has become’ within this world today, in this moment here.

Anu’s initial three sons were specifically designed by him, together with other interdimensional beings of Anu - as the intelligence of ‘who they are’ and ‘believed themselves to be’

Thus – the three sons as men believed themselves to be ‘who they are’ individually because they believed ‘who they are’ is ‘who they are’, because it’s all they’ve known as ‘who they are’ to be.

Though – they did not understand, they did not know, they did not realise that all that they were as ‘who they are’ was a designed intelligence of system within a designed human physical manifested form – designed to perfection according to Anu’s requirements and needs of establishing ‘His Kingdom on Earth’.

This world as ‘where we are currently’ within the establishment and positioning of ourselves – has originated from millions of years back – man has walked this earth for millions of years.

It took the intelligence of our design within the designed human physical manifested form millions of years to establish ourselves where we are in this very moment here currently within this world.

And this entire ‘creation’ as world, as man within – has been directed, steered, controlled and manipulated through Anu as ‘God’, through interdimensional beings and through Anu’s three family lineages which originated from his ‘first original designed intelligence ‘sons’’ – for millions of years.

And so, this is how the world initially begun to ‘operate’ through direct interdimensional intervention for millions of years:

The three sons, including a ‘handful’ of human beings within this world (understand that this placement of man on earth was done once Anu was satisfied that ‘his creation as man’ was designed to perfection and would from here continue ‘his will’ to establish and manifest ‘his kingdom’ on earth) were placed upon the earth.

A handful of human beings were accordingly placed within this world in various different placements all over, all across the world.

All together there were 17 ‘groups’ of beings placed in various different specific placements all across, all over the world.

Each group had its own ‘appointed’ interdimensional being to assist and support the human beings in establishing themselves a proper civilized existence – and so the beginning of civilization begun upon and within this world.

Each civilization was different as they were placed in their various different selected placements within this world, of this world. Thus – there was diversity amongst man within this world – and each different civilizations’ ‘design’ of intelligence as ‘who they are as designed-intelligence beings’ was designed according to the specific civilization they would become.

Each civilization had an appointed ‘one’ which would be responsible for their ‘civilization’ and it would be this one and only this one that would come into constant continuous direct contact with the interdimensional being responsible for them as to so, in such a way – slowly but surely establish a ‘fulfilled’ civilization, stabilized and established within this world firmly.

And so each civilization was birthed into this world through direct interdimensional intervention – along with each one’s own ‘beliefs’ within and of a ‘greater source’ other than themselves – which was presented as the interdimensional being responsible for forming, developing and establishing their particular unique various different civilizations upon and within this world.

This is where the origin of the various religions and spiritual beliefs that currently exist within this world exist – it has been passed on from generation to generation, from it’s source as the civilization from which such a particular specific belief originated from due to the specific interdimensional being responsible for the particular civilization – who developed, formed and established the particular civilizations within this world.

Each and every single civilization formed, established and developed within this world since the beginning of civilization differed from one another in all facets – which is how we got to the differentiation of civilizations that exist within this world currently, that differ in all facets – especially with regards to ‘religious and spiritual beliefs’, for even such ‘beliefs’ within this world evolved as the ‘designed-intelligence’ of man evolved.

This ‘direct-contact’ interdimensional intervention continued for millions of years along with Anu establishing his three primary family lineages originating from his ‘first three sons’.

Only when civilizations was ‘firmly founded’ upon and within this world, the earth – did the interdimensional beings ‘now worshipped as greater source’ where each civilization consisted of one primary belief (beliefs which differed from one civilization to the other) and one primary ‘leader’ as one who had responsibility over many – extract themselves from direct, constant continuous contact – to only ‘return to earth’ when contacted in providing specific guidance or when required and needed to intervene specifically and directed that each civilization remain on ‘due course’ within the development of the human beings’ designed-intelligence as ‘who they are’ within and as their specific civilizations.

It is here – when the direct, constant continuous contact stopped – that Anu’s ‘three family lineages – originating from his three original sons’ became directly involved within the development, design, formation, establishment and manifestation of the ‘world operation’ – within which they would ‘be responsible for’ and control this entire world through them by Anu: And this is what Anu prepared them for, while the civilizations were being established within this world by the direct, constant continuous contacted intervention of interdimensional beings.

Here, in and during Anu’s preparation of his ‘three family lineages’ – he remained in direct constant, continuous contact with all of the members of the three family lineages – always, even though the interdimensional beings of all other civilizations extracted themselves from constant continuous direct contact and only when necessary assisted and supported the civilization they were responsible for.

They always knew exactly what was going on within this world as Anu was able to hold the entire world before them and show them exactly where everything and everyone is situated and how exactly this world of various civilizations were being developed, established and formed within this world through direct intervention of interdimensional beings.


As transcribed and typed by Benazir Bhutto through the interdimensional portal

Date : 09/01/2008
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