23 September 2008

Stripped of your memories completely

You know what is fascinating about the way the White Light use to do things? You would become aware in one life time about what is going on or even perhaps start understanding that nothing is real, realising the allowed and accepted control and enslavement. Then you die and the White Light strips your memory clean, yes I am sorry to tell you that whether you were the most impressive Gnostic, most angry Satanist or a person who was hardly able to remember their name, all of them stripped of their memories completely to be recycled in the dimensions where they become but a memory in human beings minds, remembered in history. Only memories relevant to your next experience here on earth, you may keep - as apparent lessons you must learn. Yippee! What a complete waste of time, considering that many people wasted entire lives running around knowledge, never actually becoming what they understood, yet they ‘felt safe’, they felt they attained or reached something. It did not matter who you became actually because the White Light would always be one step ahead. On your death bed you might have known the secrets to the pyramids (just a simple example) but the White Light had a fascinating regime consisting of who shall reveal what and when. Nothing before and most certainly without them knowing about it. Occasionally people would walk around spreading words of good will about who we really are and that we are beyond this world, yet somehow the White Light always had a clever plan. They knew exactly how to use any knowledge to enslave people even more with.
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