17 September 2008

Bringing a child into this world/abortion/already having children

1. If you are 'looking at bringing a child into this world'

Birthing a child into this world is a 'risk' - this world is indeed 'hell' in this moment, so the child would literally be birthed into the manifestation of hell.

See - 'having a child' and 'starting the family concept' has become human beings 'last resort' in attempt to restore some form of 'stability in unity' as a 'family construct' for themselves to 'have something / someone' within this world upon which they can 'project / express' that which they did not accept within themselves, that which they did not 'give to themselves', that which they denied themselves they want to 'give to the children' - they want to 'give to another' - that's why mothers / fathers 'project love unto their children' because they know not how to love themselves, they know not even what love is so what they're actually projecting unto their children / child is 'what they have accepted and allowed themselves to be and become as the nature of the mind - the 'truth of themselves' - and so the children become the parents to the parents can see in manifestation what they have become / accepted and allowed within themselves, which manifested as themselves in the child - which is a fuckup because beings that are parents don't see / realise / understand this - which 'cause' seemingly inconsolable 'differences' between 'parent / child' which they 'hide from each other' - there exist no trust / honesty within the 'family unit' - just deception in separation, dishonesty and secrets and so the 'system of the world is 'fed''.

In this moment - if you are not living self honesty, self trust - if you do not live in awareness of breath in self expression in oneness and equality as you = no mind, it would be a shame to bring a child into this world. Because then the child has to 'take on' your entire 'nature' you have accepted and allowed within you - the child will then have to become you, experience you so you can actually see / realise / understand what you have accepted and allowed you to become - to then only maybe possibly transcend what your child is representing / projecting to you as you - the transcendence taking a few years and then IF you transcend then only the child will have the opportunity to 'experience their own individual process' after you have completed yours - the simple question: Would you do this unto yourself? Because in essence of life in oneness and equality - the child is you - and I am certain you would not wish this for you as the child.

Human beings 'think / believe' that babies that cry when birthed into this world is 'precious' / 'beautiful' - they see the baby, but don't actually hear the cry - the cry is of pain, immense extreme pain as the systems integrate and infuse into the human physical body to 'lock into' the unified consciousness field - when the 'systems' integration and infusion' is complete - the baby will stop crying - no human being can remember the actual manifested experience of being born while sitting here in this moment - therefore, you will not recall the immense pain experienced.

So - if you are 'looking at bringing a child into this world' - I'd suggest you first 'sort you out' - so that when the child is born - you realise that you're birthing you into this world, and the child as you is able to walk their individual process of birthing themselves as life from the physical and so you assist and support you in oneness and equality as the child in their individual process - instead of the child first having to become you - then you transcend you and then only later in life the child will have the opportunity to go through their individual process. Realise that each child that is born in this world will go through their individual process of practically birthing themselves as life from the physical in this world.

Thus, I would suggest to 'reconsider' birthing a child into this world - before you are certain that you stand within and as oneness and equality as you - and that you live so that you understand this child is you - there exist no 'fear', no need, no desire, no want - that this child is you, individual, within their own process here on earth - the child is not YOURS, the child is of life and you will UNCONDITIONALLY support and assist this child within their individual process of birthing themselves as life from the physical here on earth. And that you're not existing in the concept of / idea of 'family' - but that the you and your partner and child are one and equal, within your own individual process of birthing yourselves as life from the physical and assisting and supporting each other in doing so - there are no 'concepts / ideas' existent within either you and your partner that is of this world with regards to the definition of 'family' and 'bringing a child into this world'.

Thus, if you do not yet have a child - I would suggest you prepare you first in applying you within this process, because in preparing you - you are preparing the way for the child as you.

2. You suddenly unexpectedly become pregnant and you have not yet prepared you, yourself

NO ABORTION - when this occurs: It is specific.
Abortion is not an option, because this child as you, this being as you, unconditionally came in, no matter what the 'risk' - to unconditionally assist and support you, in giving you the opportunity to 'assist and support you' through assisting and supporting the child as you. Then you are not able to deny the fact that you MUST and HAVE to apply you effectively / direct you effectively - because this being as the child (you) 'decided' a child is required in your life experience to unconditionally be here with you in this world to assist and support you.

Now - you have quite a 'short span' of about nine to ten months to 'prepare you' to assist and support this child as you (one and equal) within their process in this world - to ensure they don't 'take on your nature' but you direct you appropriately so that the child as you may go through his/her individual process here on earth in birthing themselves as life from the physical - and 'watch out'! (lol) the child is here as you to assist and support you as well!

So, what you apply here with regards to such a situation - is the exact same process of stopping the acceptance and allowance in mind participation, self forgiveness, application in every moment of breath - to also 'release' any 'family ties' 'bondage relationships' within your world which still influence you within you - 'release you from the entire family construct network' so you're free within you, so your child as you may be free. In other words you express you in such a way in every moment of breath where you are 'free in expression' - no 'emotions/feelings' derived of thoughts 'determining' the experience of you in this world - so, you prepare the way before you as your child.

What has also been suggested by a child once that was within the mother's womb with who we communicated - is listening to music without words, preferably classical music, as you listen to the music, you move as the music within you and focus on breathing - if any thoughts/feelings/emotions/pictures as memories come up: Self forgiveness and stop them to not participate in the mind but flow/move as the sound of the music within you. The 'best place' to do this is also in the garden - as you lie down on your back, your hands touching the grass /nature as you listen / move / flow as the music within you. This assist and support with self movement and flow - also for the child within you as you.

3. You already have children in this world:

Here I suggest parents observe their children intently and specifically - especially with regards to their 'behaviour', have a look and see where their particular behaviours such as 'reactions' / 'fears' / 'irritations' / 'frustrations' / 'shyness' etc. relates to your experience within you, as your children 'reflect you' within this world as who and what you have currently accepted and allowed the nature of you to be and become. If you have any reactions towards your children/child - observe this as well, because in such moments, they are applying that which exist within you, you have not yet 'sorted out' within you - then apply self forgiveness accordingly until there are no more reactions within you.

I also suggest you place your children/child within you as you - this is done in the following way: You see your 'child / children' before you - you'll see that you're actually able to take them and put them inside you as you. Then you apply self forgiveness as them as you within you as you - in other words, you apply your self forgiveness process, your individual self forgiveness process - but in placing them within you as you - you're applying self forgiveness on their behalf as you and releasing the child/children as you from all they have 'taken on' of you for you to see before you what to 'deal with' / 'direct' within you. So you assist and support them as you.

I would also suggest home schooling - to not 'run them through the mill' of the education system, as the influence of other children / teachers / parents conforming to the 'design of the education system' with regards to their experience within and as the 'education system' extensively influence the child from the perspective of 'shaping behaviour' / 'personality' - which cause the child to later in life become unrecognizable to a certain extent - but some / most aspects of the child as part of 'who they have become' was designed within the educational system. At home you're giving the child as you the opportunity to discover their own individual self expression - this is impossible within the 'education system of going to school, thus I suggest home schooling.

Also reading is imperative - especially books without too many pictures, so that the child is able to 'build a vocabulary' - in establishing a specific vocabulary the child's communication in expression of self will be extensively effective - also assisting and supporting in the process of living words as themselves, which is done through reading and establishing a very specific vocabulary.
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