20 September 2008

The design of Animal Cruelty

Hi there, this is the design of animal cruelty communicating about the manifestation of cruelty within and of the unified consciousness field that has become the experience of human beings within and of this world.

Animal cruelty is the balancing act, the manifestation of the balancing act within the polarity seesaw of the mind consciousness system manifested within and as unified field of this consciousness systematic reality. And I am here to explain exactly how that works and how each and every single individual human being is responsible for animal cruelty existing and manifesting within this world.

As have been explained, the unified consciousness field exists through the unconscious mind connection and interconnection of all of humanity together, connecting and interconnecting all human beings as mind consciousness systems manifesting and creating unified consciousness field. Now as you have a mind, if you think/feel or indulge in emotions, you are as responsible for each and every single human being as each and every single individual human being who is responsible for this entire world as it is being experienced.

So how specifically and why specifically is animal cruelty being accepted and allowed to exist within this world and how exactly it is manifesting? It is quite simple actually - human beings perceive the animals to be inferior, human beings perceive the animals to be less then, human beings perceive themselves to be superior to the animal kingdom, The animal kingdom cannot talk, the animal kingdom cannot think, the animal kingdom cannot experience themselves…

And basically because of those principles of assumption and believe and opinion within human beings minds, they now think, perceive and believe the animals are stupid and dumb, and that humanity is the almighty power of this world and they have now the right to treat animals just like they want to, just as it pleases them.

Well I have an interesting perspective to share with you, and that is that the animal kingdom is more aware then you are. Now the words the animal kingdom is more aware then each and every single human being in this world. Their expression is changing, they are advancing to a manifestation of making one statement. They are not accepting and allowing human beings to treat them and harm them like they are just some animal roaming in this world without purpose or reason in any way what so ever. This is no longer accepted and allowed. And because of that separation within human beings from the animals, in human beings perceiving themselves as superior and high above everything else just because they think and they have emotions and feelings, literally looking down on the animal kingdom. In that acceptance and allowance within yourself, that’s where you are accepting and allowing animal cruelty within this world.

Have a look, For a moment placing yourself as the animal in this world, as the animal kingdom within this world. Experiencing yourself in the day of the life of the animal. And realising only then how humanity is treating the animal kingdom. It is disgusting and it is shameful to say the least. Because animals are beings in a different manifested form in expression. The animal kingdom is innocent, they are here, this is their world in which they unconditionally expressing and experiencing themselves.

It is the human beings in this world that is destroying this world, that’s not existing unconditionally, that’s not existing within oneness and equality as existence as creation.
Always wanting to survive, only to living to survive for money, relationships, sex.

Human beings, there is one decision and one choice that will stand before you and that is: you are either going to exist here within and as oneness and equality with all of existence including the animal kingdom or you will continue your process in the hereafter . Each and every single human being will either continue this process here in this world if manifesting oneness and equality as the experience of who we are as heaven on earth, or you will decide you won’t be able to make it, you won’t be able to do it, you won’t be able to exist within and as oneness and equality within this existence and standing up for all as one as equal as life, and you will experience yourself in the dimensions. But the animal kingdom, nature, this physical manifested existence is literally had enough, we have all had enough. Because you have gone through this world like nothing matters. It does matter, what does matter is how you are treating the animal kingdom - the cruelty to animals, the cruelty to yourself - And the animals are unconditional in their expression. They are you and they are one as you.

Now I suggest human beings stand within and as oneness and equality with nature and the animal kingdom in all this existence, to give yourself the opportunity to experience yourself who you are as oneness and equality as life – birthing yourself as life from the physical as the tree of life.

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