04 November 2008

Agreement (forum)

in the process of placing an agreement with another being to assist and support self and each other, ivan and i placed the following agreement which we would like to share here, including the word definitions we agreed on.


We agree to walk together equally, assisting and supporting ourselves and each other in self-honesty –pointing out all self-dishonesties, pushing each other to face ourselves as what we’ve accepted and allowed.
We walk the path of birthing life from the physical together, yet we see that we are each alone.
We assist and support ourselves and each other within and as self-honesty to build and establish self-trust and the courage to live self-expression as life as all as one as equal.
We agree to communicate unconditonally and reaveal everything, leaving nothing hidden. Within this we both push through fears & resistances to share ourselves unconditionally with ourselves and each other and take self-responsibility to be self-honest about who each one really is.
We push ourselves and commit ourselves to BE AND LIVE HERE = presence, directing ourselves as life as all as one as equal =what’s best for all equally.
Thus, not accepting and allowing anything less from ourselves and each other than who we really are as LIFE HERE.
The agreement’s ‘ultimate goal’ is to change and establish ourselves so, that we be able and willing to support all life as one as equal to be and become self-honest within and as self-responsibility and self-trust.
We commit ourselves to this agreement as the living word.
We commit ourselves to ourselves as life to support life as all as one as equal here.

Flag points (=what we see as TRAPS to be REMOVED)
Defense /protection mechanisms of the ego/mind personalities (which we point out and flag specifically)
Postponement / holding back
Satisfying / pleasing / serving
Following energy (positive or negative) to either ‘protect’ or satisfy personalities = ego = self-interest
Desires / projections / memories
Doubt / disappointment
Attachment / dependancy / self-interest


Directing self to share unconditionally within and as self-honesty as all as one as equal in every here now moment.
This implies expressing myself as what’s HERE unconditionally, without judgement.
Not hiding who I really am, not suppressing myself in fear and judgement, not expressing/acting from the starting point of desire to be or have something more/special, not forming an idea of myself or defining myself based on what I express, or defining my expression according to another being. Not from the starting point of seeking validation, approval, acceptance. Not from the starting point of manipulating myself and others to get a specific outcome. All this is not unconditional and thus not acceptable.

Flag points

Holding back
Fear of judgement
Ideas about what self-expression is supposed to be/ projections of self as wanting to be ‘more’ /’better’
Self-interest as in defending/’protecting’ personalities of mind =ego


Allowing self to honestly, in self-trust, open up to self as all as one as equal and give/express self freely/unconditionally as the entirety of self here in every here now moment – in the realization that since all is myself, all is known and I can only hold back/hide from myself.
Flag points
Self-judgement / shame
Self-definition according to memories
Vulnerability / fear of loss /
Fear of change / rejection


Directing self equal and one as the words we speak = building and establishing self-trust as we walk within and as the breath here.
Proving myself to myself = practically acting/living/moving equal and one as the words we speak.
'Absolute definition' self-trust:
The living word. The living self-directive, self-responsible expression of self within and as seeing the entirety of self HERE = I am HERE completely and absolute, thus I can trust myself in directively expressing myself here as best for all equally.

Flag points
Future projections / ideas / existing in the mind isntead of here as breath
Comparison, self-judgement
Uncertainty, self-doubt



Honoring self as life as all as one as equal always and all ways.
Directing self to let go of the past/the known/the habits within and as every here now moment.
Establishing self-honesty through/as self-intimacy =into me I see.
Establishing self-trust through LIVING the words we speak.
Becoming the solution as self-honesty, self-trust and self-directiveness as life here, to support all life equal and one.



The ability to respond to HERE as here as life in every moment of breath –free of past.
The ability to stand alone as all as one as equal here.

Assisting and supporting self and each other to be self-honest in every here now moment, in the realization that how I experience myself / ‘who I am’ is what I accept and allow.
Honoring the commitment to all life being equal and one in self-honesty in every here now moment.

Flag points
Belief in something greater
Inferiority, self-doubt, “it’s too much/too difficult”
Blame, giving away self-responsibility
Comparison, fear of failure



Allowing self to see, realize and direct all that is here as self.
No judgement, no shame, no fear.

Flag points
Wanting to fix
Wanting to be a hero
Wanting to be more than self here
Hiding the shit, only presenting the ‘good’


Slowing down to the breath in every new here now moment – BE here as breath – SEE HERE
Flag points
Holding back
Ignoring / looking away
Rushing / avoiding


Taking the self-responsibility to move self in awareness of what is here.
Thus the question of what I will accept and allow and what I will not accept and allow is asked in every new here now moment.
Self-direction implies honoring life as ourselves.
Self-direction implies self-love, self-acceptance and equality&oneness of self here.
Flag points
Self-limitation / inferiority
Belief in something greater than self
Fear of self-responsibility /fear of loss
Fear of standing alone


Living ruthless and brutal self-honesty no matter what.
Assisting and supporting self as each other at all risks.
Trusting self to share what one sees here , to assist and support the other as self no matter what.
Flag pointsFear of conflict
Fear of being wrong
Fear of reactions
Fear of loss / fear of change

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