08 November 2008

The Draconians

05 November 2008

The Appearance and Physicality of the Draconians:

drac The Draconians hide was as tough and relentless as the very nature of the Draconians themselves, and it is of the image and likeness of the Draconian-Race that the Crocodile, currently in its very designed-manifestation was created.

Therefore, the Draconians’ hide as ‘scales’ was similar to that of the Crocodile’s hide as scales of this world.

The colour of the Draconians’ hide was oxblood-red, dark brown with a very slight hint of mustard-yellow and dark green – though not as prominent as the red and brown that was the manifested ‘colouring’ of their entire hide.

Their entire manifested physique was extremely muscularly massive, bulky and bulging as the epitome of the manifested presence of strength, authority and power – that leaves other races preferring not to ‘mingle’ or become acquainted with the Draconian-Race, and thus the Draconians were left to themselves – isolated from most of existence except for the other Reptilian Race as the Annunaki with which the Draconian Race had a ‘reasonably close’ agreed-upon relationship.

Their eyes were piercingly intense and menacing, with detection of contained madness and fury – yet at the same time their presence was composed and serene.

The colour of their eyes was the mustard-yellow and dark-green with a hint of red and brown with the colours constantly moving as though their eyes in itself was ‘alive.’

When looking into their eyes – you’d expect them to ‘do you harm’ any second – so unpredictable and confusing was their nature of menacingly madness and fury together with a serene and calm composure – that one never could say where you stand with them.

The particular ‘mark’ of the Draconian-Race was their ‘horn-emblem’ embodied within and of their physical, manifested as the Draconian ‘birth-mark-signature’ consisting of sharp, small ‘horn-ridges.’

The particular ‘mark’ of Reptilian-Races (the Draconians and the Annunaki), was the ‘horned-ridge’ manifestation that ran within the centre of their head-region, the ‘mark of the beasts’ of existence, so to speak, as the Reptilian-Races were the ‘silently accepted and allowed agreed-upon by all in existence’ to be the dominant races within existence that had the primary hand of ‘control.’

The horns protruding from within the Draconians’ head-region as expressed in the drawing – is an example of a Draconian-Royal. Such Draconians were birthed with horns and exalted as Royalty as they were seen as the incarnations of the Draconians’ forefathers and lived within the Royal-grounds of their planet, as the Draconian-Race did consist of and exist as hierarchies. Those that were of Royalty, were born with horns protruding from within the back of their head-region. Those of ‘normal’ birth did not have horns.

They wore a ‘dress-coat’ with belt, and upon the belt was adorned with their ‘horn-emblem’ as the signature of their race and identification, honouring their existence as Draconians-defined.

The Draconian Race were only of one ‘gender.’ They were not distinguished or defined according to male or female. The reason for this will be discussed later in this document.

The Draconians were between 12 to 14 Foot Tall.


The Nature of the Draconians:

The Draconians emanated a ‘silent-dominance’ presence within existence, which resonated from within their physical appearance.

Even though they resonated an ‘aura’ and ‘presence’ of viciousness and unmerciful, relentless fury as expressed through their eyes and physical appearance – they remained a quiet, unseen isolated race within existence.

With their presence so deliberately set within existence, they preferred not to ‘entertain or occupy themselves’ with other races within existence, as the Draconians experienced other races to be inferior to them as well as being a liable nuisance.

The Draconians were one of the ‘ancient-original’ races and were thus one of the most-believed clever and wise races within existence.

The Draconians were the ‘alchemists’ and ‘scientists’ of existence and explored with the evolution of biology of all races within existence. This was what they primarily busied themselves with throughout their existence, discovering methods and ways of evolving the ‘interdimensionally-physical’ presence of races within existence, including that of themselves. Therefore, they were very specific, meticulous and precise with all that they express themselves within as their investigations and explorations of the manifested existence of races and primarily focused on DNA-designs.


The Planet and Civilization of the Draconians:

The Draconians’ hide was the exact colour of their planet – which is primarily various colourations of reds and browns with their atmosphere a black and dark-grey smoke – similar to that of volcanoes erupting as the black smoke rise from within the volcano, this ‘smoke’ was the manifested atmosphere of the Draconians’ Planet within which they existed, that constantly, continuously churned and moved as though thousands of volcanoes were erupting simultaneously.

A Draconians’ life-span varied between 5000 to 35000 years and would simply ‘decompose’ entirely and ‘merge’ once again with their planet.

One thousand years after a Draconian’s ‘death as return to its origin as its planet’ – another Draconian is birthed of the planet and literally stands up from within the planet – ‘fully grown’ as presented for example within the sketch.

Each ‘new coming’ is honoured as all Draconians gather to ‘welcome’ the new born Draconian that has ‘risen from within the planet itself’ and have a ritual of praise and worship to the ‘stars’ which they believed was their forefathers, manifested – ever present. And it is from the stars that their forefathers return to the planet to reincarnate once more. Thus each ‘new born’ is honoured equally to all other Draconians as all Draconians believed themselves to be ‘reincarnation of gods’ as the forefathers that are the origin of their existence.

Their planet’s surface consisted of and existed as rock-formations and mountains – the exact colour as that of the Draconians’ hide.

The Draconian-Royals as those that are birthed with horns protruding from within their head-region lived within the Mountains within beautifully magnificent establishments designed and created by themselves – I’d say they were the most esteemed ‘interior-decorators’ of existence – lol.

The other Draconians lived on the surface of the planet in homes and establishments built by themselves for themselves – each one existing within their own individual settlement. No two Draconians lived or existed together. This was so enforced within the Draconian Race, which I will explain in a moment within the History of the Draconian-Race.

They did ‘rest’ occasionally. And it is purely for ‘resting purposes’ that their individual settlements existed.

There existed one massive establishment in the exact centre of their planet within which they conducted their experiments as their specialty of exploring with all other races’ DNA in creating and manifesting ‘hybrids,’ so to speak, through evolving the DNA-design of their own race and that of other races in existence.

Analyzing the DNA of other races was possible due to the Draconian’s forefathers literally ‘kidnapping’ elderly beings of other races – placing them in containments within which they are ‘preserved’ for future experiments. The ‘kidnappings’ were done without any other race’s knowledge due to the races believing that ‘those that disappeared passed on to the stars’ or ‘returned to the stars’ – meaning, that they died, when all the while they were deliberately taken by the Draconians to further their scientific research of existence’s origin and exploring the very existence of races within existence as all that they exist as and consist of.

The Draconians had a manifested being-sample of each race within existence – which they utilized to conduct their ever-evolving experiments.


History of the Draconians:

The Draconians were the original ‘Reptilian Specie Race’ within existence and it is out of the Draconian Race that the Reptilian Race of the Annunaki emerged.

The Draconian-Race did consist of male and female Draconians eons of time ago in the very beginning of the Draconians’ existence.

However, when a female-Draconian ‘mingled’ DNA with a Serpent of the Serpent-Race and birthed a ‘child’ through ‘mixing DNA’ – all female-Draconians were banished or killed as removed from existence by/through the male-manifested Draconians. And some female-Draconians were captured to be transformed into ‘ships’ that the Draconians utilized to travel within – as to punish equally all female-Draconians for one female-Draconian’s mistake as all female-Draconians’ were seen as one and the same.

This one child that was born so – was to be Marduk.

The act of ‘inter-mixing’ DNA with another race was seen as ‘filthying’ the ‘purity’ of the Draconian-Race and thus all other Draconians ensured the existence of their original purity through eliminating that which dared caused their impurity.

It is this event that initiated the Draconians’ specialty of exploring and investigating DNA – as to eliminate all female-manifested Draconians. They manipulated their own DNA to not exist as or consist of any gender. And in this manipulation of the Draconian DNA, they transformed their entire existence, including that of their planet – to only birth Draconians consisting of ‘no gender.’ As each races’ planet was one with the race – if the race changed anything of their biological/physical structure – the biological physical structure of the planet itself was also transformed one and equal.

The interest of DNA was ‘sparked’ and so the Draconians embarked on the quest to ‘take a being and contain and preserve a being’ of each race within existence to experiment on with their DNA that has become the highlight of the existence of each Draconian.

Because of the event of the female-Draconian with the Serpent – the Draconians manifested an establishment encircling their entire planet with guards standing upon posts and would only allow the Annunaki-Race to enter and no other Race – as they did not trust any other race that was not of Draconian-origin and would also not allow any female of the Annunaki-Race to enter.

No Draconian was allowed to exit the planet without being accompanied with a Royal or a guard appointed by the Royal – and Draconians didn’t leave their planet much as they had no purpose or reason within the rest of existence but to now and then have a look at the outflow of existence and the status of existence as a whole.

The Draconians were the Race primarily involved in the mind consciousness system design as well as the biological structured physical design of the human physical body, with which they closely worked with Anu, Enki and Enlil. Marduk was kept hidden from the Draconian-race, because if his existence were to be known by the Draconians, they’d surely eliminate him and Anu needed and required Marduk’s speciality within the personality-design manifestations for the mind consciousness system design.

The Draconians were all too pleased with Anu’s initiative of taking over existence – manifesting an ‘experimental-existence’ within which to capture, contain and enslave all races within an embodiment designed by/through the Draconians together with other races. But the Draconians wouldn’t go to the extent of actually ‘taking over existence’ as Anu did – they preferred to ‘play the important silent-background’ role within such an initiative which the Draconians quite enjoyed as they’d have ‘live-subjects’ contained in a physical-manifested existence to explore, investigate upon that consisted of and existed as most of the races in existence.


source: Desteni

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